Answer service

About answer service

With the add-on module answer service all calls are answered. This solution is integrated with the company in question’s own PBX which means that operators that are assigned through the solution have access to the same information as the company’s own employees. Answer service is available in different price intervals which means that the cost of the service is regulated according to company needs.

A company misses roughly 18% of their calls, but with this add-on module a company can reduce the number of unanswered calls which in turn leads to more closed deals with companies customers and future customers. The answer service can be adjusted according to the company’s own wishes of image and support for customers. With this add-on service companies can choose which information should be provided to customers which calls are connected to the answer service. The operators that work in answer service pick up in the company’s name, they talk according to a specific manuscript and instructions provided by the company in question.

  • A service for companies with high peaks in the PBX
  • A service for companies that don’t want to miss any calls
  • An add-on service results in answered calls all hours of the day
  • Provides information of the number of connected calls to answer service
  • A service with different price plans to choose between according to needs
  • Helps companies connect calls to tother numbers
  • Manages all incoming calls or part of them

An extension of the company PBX

The add-on service is an extension of the company’s PBX. The service can be seen as phone sitting whereas a company can reduce the risk of missing incoming calls. The service suits companies where employees in the PBX have high volumes of calls and might not have the ability to answer them all.

With this add-on service you can reduce the risk of increasing the PBX employees workload. A stressful environment can affect work which in turn, and most likely, will result in a lower ability to manage calls.

With this service you can reduce employee’s workload in order to calmly and collected manage calls in a constructive way. The employees can answer and direct customer without feeling pressured or stressed by the number of unanswered calls.

Today’s customers want fast service

In today’s stressful environment where development in most areas is steadily increasing, customers also expect to be served in a short time interval. With this service companies can cater to customer’s needs faster.

Companies that answer their customers fast and provide great service results in happier customers. With this answer service companies can map out all their incoming calls; which have been answered by the company directly and which have gone to the answer service. Potential improvements can be identified.

 A company can with this service learn a lot about the calls that are incoming and how to take care of their customers. How should an employee allocate their time between customers to answer several incoming cals? How much time in average is needed for one customer? The information also provides an indication of how a company should staff the PBX.