Answering service feature

About answering service feature

Image always being available, while you don’t need to be interrupted by phones constantly calling. This is the thought behind answering service feature, or phone sitting, which in short means that someone else answers the incoming calls that you can’t or don’t want to answer.

With answering service feature you can make sure that you don’t miss any customers, since there’s always someone available to answer the important calls at any time. Answering service lets you know that the call is incoming and provides all information needed to be able to call back at a later time.

The ones who work with answer service will answer in a way that makes the customer feel like they’re talking to the real company, for example, by answering in the company name and providing well read answers about products or services. It’s a much better service than a recorded voicemail.

  • Answering service means that an external person answers the company’s calls.
  • It can also be called phone sitting or phone service.
  • You can assign a welcome message to be used.
  • You can avoid being interrupted by calling phones all the time.
  • The operator can connect calls or take a message.
  • You don’t miss any business opportunities since customers are always answered.
  • You can take calls when you have time.

How does answering service work?

Those who want answering service sign up for a subscription with a company that is specialised in taking calls in a professional way. It’s common to have a specific number of calls that the company should take.

The calls can be connected to someone else in the company by notifying when they’re available to take the call. If no one is available, the operator can inform that the company will call back later. Sometimes the operator can answer the questions themselves or direct them to the website or e-mail.

With an operator that takes calls, it’s also easier to make sure that the customer is talking to the right person. Operators often have a good overview of who handles what what and can therefore connect calls to someone that is guaranteed to be able to help the customer.

Answering service is great for companies and customers

For companies that receive large volumes of incoming calls, or where it’s not always a possible to answer, answering service is a great option. The customer will never be left on hold in a long phone queue, or won’t be answered at all.

It’s easy to maintain contact with your operator because it’s often included in an app. Coworkers can change their status of being in a meeting or maybe lunch, and in that way maintain a good collaboration with the answering service.

Serious companies that offer answering service are careful in educating their operators in a professional way and in the companies they’re representing. It’s not supposed to feel like a hassle or tricky for customers, but rather a friendly phone PBX.

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