About Callback

Callback is a service developed for companies, institutions and organizations that have a large number of incoming calls in a shorter timespan. With the Callback function you can create phone queues so that the customers don’t have to wait for their turn with the phone in their hands.

The add-on module Callback has functions such as call number, a report and statistics function and time dated Callback function. If a company wants additional function in the service you can buy “Callback plus” that for example has two administrator places instead of a (ordinary Callback”), identification of customers through social security number and competence manipulation of calls.

The Callback solution works for customers that have protected phone numbers, however, the customer needs to willingly enter their number or the service won’t work. Through the Callback function the customer is offered a time for Callback which makes it possible to wait somewhere else to get called back.

  • A web-based service for managing phone queues.
  • With the Callback service a company can schedule a callback.
  • Tjänsten är ett verktyg med vilket man kan optimera de anställdas ärendehantering. The service is a tool which can be used to optimize employee’s errand management.
  • Possible to record welcome message in Callback.
  • Analyzation tools available and integratable with the service.
  • Callback’s analyzation tools contribute to insights of change in for example call encumbrance.
  • With the Callback solution you save time and won’t miss any calls.

Callback is a tool for administrators

An add-on module to the cloud-based PBX services, it’s a tool that is functional for administrators where workload momentarily may be intense due to high frequency of incoming calls. The service is therefore a tool for the companies and organizations that want to structure and streamline their customer treatment.

The add-on module Callback also has an analyzaiton tool that is integratable as an add-on to the solution. With this tool companies can analyze both incoming- and outgoing calls, when the most calls are conducted and how administrator spots should be filled in to as effectively as possible manage customers.

The Callback service is a tool for companies that aren’t always accessible, but wan’t the opportunity to call their customers back on an agreed and predestined time. If customers don’t want the given callback time they can turn it down and as a company you can offer a new time for callback and calls.

Create different queue systems with Callback

With the Callback function both companies and organizations can create different queue systems. For a health center you can for example create a queue for renewing prescriptions, a queue for medical advice, a queue for advice for more acute cases of illness or other errands that pertain to the company or organization.

By creating these different queue systems, companies or organizations can choose what administrator depending of competence should answer certain questions. The Callback service is also, from a company perspective, a tool to optimize the employee use of their competence in which customers can be met in the most adequate form.

The Callback service is also an add-on solution for those companies that need to facilitate stress levels among employees and create harmony and effectiveness among administrators. If analyzation tools are integrated with the module, additional abilities such as mapping errand management can offer more structure.

We offer the service Virtual Phone Q, a service that offer costumers the ability to automatically be called back at a predestined time.

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