What is Centrex?

For expanding companies in all sizes, telephony can seem like an unexpected inconvenience. When volumes of incoming calls and the number of recipients within the organization increase, telephony becomes a necessity. Centrex is a practical solution that gives users access to a PBX without having to invest in special equipment.

What makes the company PBX Centrex special is that it’s completely provided by the telephony carrier. An organization that uses the Centrex system only need their phones, but no actual PBX. The PBX functions are instead managed on the telephony station. The system is similar to a virtual phone PBX that implements the functions in the telephony network rather than the users own PBX.

Centrex offers the company important functions that a traditional PBX includes. A few examples include; direct choices and internal callback. This allows users to avoid acquiring and managing complicated equipment. Centrex has existed for decades and is therefore a well tested technology with great operational safety.

  • Centrex can be described as a virtual phone PBX
  • The functions are implemented in the telephony network rather than a physical PBX in the company
  • Centrex offers all the traditional base functions in the phone PBX
  • The services that are offered can be adjusted according to company needs
  • Centrex suits companies and organizations in all shapes and sizes
  • Trusted technology that is operation safe and reliable
  • Diminished need to maintain and manage special equipment for a company PBX

A customisable system

Centrex offers a smooth solution without any requirement of special equipment. The service is therefore very adjustable and can be customized for special needs. Thanks to the fact that the PBX functions are operated in the phone network, it’s also technically easy for users to change the nature and extent of the services, without having to change or modify equipment.

Among the typical functions that are offered are; adjustable referrals, transfer and voicemail. Thereafter the user can choose to establish ACD groups as individual phones that can log in and out. The virtual PBX can therefore be seen as a sort of infrastructure for the organizations phone network, that can be adjusted according to needs.

The technology is usable with mobile phones, which today are becoming increasingly more common as a standard even in bigger companies and other organizations. In addition, there are versions of Centrex suited for IP telephony that are called internet telephony since it’s built on internet technology. Centrex is this a completely modernized system for a virtual phone PBX.

A technology that facilitates in professional support

By choosing  a Centrex for your company you get various smooth tools to give your customers the best service possible. How your company is perceived by customers that reach out is of utmost importance for the mutual trust you establish. A well functioning PBX can make customers feel welcomed.

For organizations that are big enough to stick to one operator, centrex offers all necessary functions. The user can for example use a searchable company catalogue and the system helps the operator prioritize calls. In addition ther are possibilities to automize welcome messages and queue messages,  that helps you avoid all kinds of irritation among customers when many contacts are managed simultaneously.

Centrex is today supplied by Telia on the Swedish market. As a customer you get a well tested service that our most experienced operators use. With great adjustability that the service offers, you can make sure that you only choose the service that your organization needs.