Communication as a service

About communication as a service

Today there are plenty of services within communication targeting telephony. It’s not entirely uncommon to buy communication as a service to streamline and modernize the company. Here we have concluded a few important terms so that you can in an easy and clear way find the solution that fits you the best.

Which channels fit best regarding communication? If you need a PBX service suited to your- and your customer’s needs? As of today it’s a highly requested service and there are many good solutions on the market. You save money, time and staff by choosing effective and smart solutions.

A great and effective alternative is to collect all your telephony- and communication services such as carrier agreement and hardware with the same supplier. A reputable company that delivers all the services you might need in the same field is Dstny. Dstny has extensive experience and can tailor solutions according to your needs.

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Become a professional communicator with smart solutions

To focus on your company and always offer your customers professional service in all given situations, you can buy in different types of communication services. Your coworkers will definitely be satisfied when they themselves are part of making choices of for example telephony.

Do your coworkers want a stationary phone, a mobile phone or a softphone? What suits individuals best in their day-to-day work? Maybe you want a combination of different solutions? Do you currently have a PBX telephonist, and how do they perceive it to be working? Are you open to finding new smart solutions for your coworkers?

An open and re-thinking company climate not only benefits your coworkers, but also your customers. With today’s requirements of availability and service you will never have an issue with meeting client’s needs in best possible way. To feel safe with the communication channels you use is crucial in current work situations.

Discover and become fascinated by the latest technology

Want to discover new and flexible communication services with the latest technology you’re more than welcome to contact us. You will be met with flexibility and individually tailored solutions combined with extensive competence and technical knowledge. You will soon see the prominent benefit of collecting your services with the same supplier.

The demand of cloud-based solutions has increased over the years and we’ve now brought forward a PBX service that is entirely cloud-based. This is relatively new and is foreseen as an outstanding future for those who are open to new telephony solutions. Streamlining telephony services in a field that is continuously expanding.

As a company it may sometimes be difficult to know what to choose and which solutions fit you best. If you choose a supplier like us we can help you put together a tailored solutions for your company with the latest technology in the market.

Want to know more about what we can do for your company? Contact us and one of our experienced advisors will help you further.