Contact Center

Contact Center

In regards to telephony solutions, for example cloud based PBX solutions, there are also a lot of add-on services that companies can use. One example is a so called Contact Center whereas companies can manage different channels, like e-mail and social media, all through a single interface.

A Contact Center solution is beneficial in many different types of sectors, i.e healthcare, finance or in telecommunication. What these fileds have in common is that the companies pertaining to them often need to meet their customers through many different important channels where customers not only expect, but require, short response times.

E-mail, chat, telephony or social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, are all examples of tools in which humans in today’s society communicate. This add-on module works for both small and big companies. If the solution by any chance should be disconnected, there’s always backup.

  • The service is completely web-based and irrespective of zone.
  • The Contact Center solution is integrated with Puzzel.
  • The system works irrespective of geographic location, platform and operating system.
  • The add-on module is functional no matter what carrier or PBX service you have.
  • The Contact Center solution is customizable to individual needs.
  • The system can connect additional functions.
  • There are integrable functions for the system such as Swish and ID check.

Integrable with different CRM systems

The Contact Center solution can manage different platforms in the same interface, and is also integrable with different systems such as the management tool Zendesk. By being able to view reports and analyze both customer- and administrative official patterns, it’s easy to identify areas that need improvement.

Mapping processes and different types of behaviours allows companies to impact, change and create value in a positive direction. The importance of including all coworkers in a work process is huge, and for many bosses crucial in creating affinity in the company.

With Contact Center you can optimize a company’s resources by creating a priority standard of errands, or staffing the correct number of people depending of frequency of communication. This add-on module works for both external and internal operations in regards to questions of technical support.

Flexible, independent with improved user experience

The Contact Center solution is flexible and completely independent. The module is functional irrespective of geographic location and operating system. The solution has a content strategy that allows companies to merge different communication channels into one, a so called cross-channel experience.

The add-on module Contact Center is also applicable to all phone carriers and PBX services. It’s also possible to connect more solutions or adjust current solutions depending on company’s relevant or future, changed needs. This may entail increasing or decreasing the number of administrative officials in customer service.

Contact Center is an add-on service that suits companies and organizations with high frequency of incoming traffic consisting of customers. The module is considered very reliable, and through agreements between companies, it’s possible to offer a safe backup if the event of downtime in data traffic should occur. The back-up in essence makes sure that the call will reach customers and the company in question.

Want a Contact Center in your company?

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