Dual SIM mobile phone

Dual SIM mobile phone

What is a dual SIM mobile phone? The term dual SIM is telling about what it is, namely a mobile phone that has room for two separate SIM cards. Ordinary phones, as you probably know, only have room for one SIM card. In large parts of the world, especially in Asia, dual SIM mobile phones have been common for a long time. In Sweden, however, this function has not gained any major foothold. However, this may be something that is about to change.

Why is dual SIM mobile phone unusual in Sweden?

So how come people use dual SIM phones to a much lesser extent in Sweden than in the rest of the world? Of course, there are many different factors that influence this, but the short answer is that many carriers have been reluctant to sell mobiles that have the opportunity to have another carrier’s card in. However, we see a steady increase in the market following higher consumer demand and we can probably expect more dual SIM mobile phones in the future.

  • Dual SIM mobile phones allow you to have two or more active SIM cards on a phone
  • There are many different models of dual SIM phones
  • The most common solution differs from a primary and secondary card
  • The problem often lies in that the second card has to use the 2G network
  • With dual SIM mobiles you don’t have to buy more mobiles
  • Dual SIM mobiles will help those who have both a work and private mobile
  • Dual SIM mobile telephony has yet to gain traction in Sweden

How does it work?

Different dual SIM mobiles vary in how they work. One version is a mobile with three different slots; two for SIM card and one for memory. This version isn’t as common and has been even less so as of lately. Another version is with two slots; one for SIM card and one where you can choose between another one or a memory card.

A third version has two slots; where both are for SIM cards. This means that you can’t insert a memory card and have to rely on the phone’s own memory. Luckily mobile phone capacity is steadily increasing, while more and more files don’t need to solely be saved on the phone, like music for example.

There are different answers to the questions of how to best organize the phone with two SIM cards. The most common is that you have a primary and secondary card. The primary card will then have access to all the networks, while the secondary only has access to 2G.

Benefits with dual SIM

There are many benefits with being able to use two cards in your mobile at the same time. The most beneficial is probably the the large group of people that have a work and private phone. With a double card you can avoid bringing two phones at all times, and all the extra work that comes with.

Another great use is when you’re abroad. Then you can keep your Swedish SIM card in your mobile while you have a card from the country you’re in. No matter if you call home to Sweden or within the country it can save you a lot of money.

Mobile phones are expensive, and over time it can be a burden for the organization. With dual SIM card a company can save money by avoiding expensive new purchases. Meanwhile they can also avoid bringing two phones everywhere. With so many benefits we can expect that dual SIM card phones will become more common in the future.

Problems with dual SIM mobile phone

Many dual SIM phones still have some problems that need to be solved. The most prominent problem is that in many dual SIM mobile phones, one of the SIM cards is forced to use an older network, often 2G or 3G. However, this is being phased out as these types of phones are becoming more common and the fact that 2G is slowly but surely being phased out.

3 popular dual SIM mobile phones

There are many different versions of dual SIM mobile phones and it is debated which one is the best. Below we list some dual SIM phones that have received good reviews around the internet.

1 Huawei P30 Pro – popular dual SIM mobile

One phone that has received very high ratings around the web is the Huawei P30 Pro. This phone has become known for its elegant body and its many smart features, such as fingerprint reading integrated directly into the screen. The Huawei P30 Pro also has a good camera and an impressive battery life. Something that has been especially popular with the Huawei P30 Pro is that this dual SIM phone allows both SIM cards to work on the 4G network.

2 Samsung Galaxy S10 – a premium phone

For those of you who want a bit of luxury when you buy a dual SIM mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a good choice with its many features. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a screen that stands out from the crowd due to its laser-cut edge, the screen has no notch and the infinity screen is pleasing to the eye with its dynamic Amoled display. The camera has an ultra-wide 16MP sensor and the camera also has smart features that offer composition in relation to light and colors.

3 Motorola Moto G7 Plus – a perfect dual SIM mobile at budget price

For those who do not want to spend half their wealth on your dual SIM mobile, Motorola’s Moto G7 Plus is a perfect option. The phone has a quick fingerprint reader and the phone itself is stable and durable with a water repellent layer. The camera may not be the most advanced on the market and the battery leaves more to be desired with a battery life of 5-6 hours. But for the affordable price, this can definitely be something you can live with when buying a dual SIM mobile.

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