Free roam in Europe

Free roam in Europe

As a Swede traveling within EU you have the same tax for calls as data traffic, no matter what EU country you’re in, that you have in your mobile agreement in Sweden. Free roam in most parts of Europe allows you to always access internet, for Swedes abroad, who either travel or visit friends around Europe.

Being able to use internet no matter what country you’re in within EU, is perfect for those who work from their computers abroad. With Swedish roam subscriptions that are free, you can surf as much as you want when you’re in any European country.

This is a completely new law in Europe, that constitutes the ability to pay the same price as you would at home even if you’re outside of Swedish borders. The use is taken from your regular subscription instead, or taken from the total amount from your prepaid card.

  • With free roam in Europe you can surf as much as you want no matter what European country you’re in
  • You pay exactly the same price as the subscriptions you pay for in Sweden
  • You need to be in the country you have the subscription in most of the time
  • If your subscription already includes free roam you can surf freely within EU
  • The carrier can limit your surf if you do it too much
  • This applies to all countries in Europe and unfortunately not outside
  • The same applies if you have a prepaid card with free roam

Not just about free roam

When you’re in Europe, free roam isn’t the only benefit, you also pay the same when you call and text within Europe. This allows for greater possibilities when traveling to all countries in Europe.

There are several reasons to why you’d travel abroad. Maybe you need to go on a business trip and then you can call, text and roam for the exact same amount that you would pay in the country you’re reside in.

This applies to any country that you live in inside of Europe. So if you would per say live in Spain and have a subscription there, you can roam with the same agreement when you’re in another European country, just as in Spain. This applied even if you don’t live in Sweden.

Many different subscriptions

Today there are several different roam subscription that you can apply for. There are various different subscriptions for your phone that suit you and your situation. If you never call or text, but roam a lot; a subscription with free surf is the best alternative.

There’s not a lot you can’t do without internet in today’s society. You can call and text even if you just have internet access. If you’re planning to work, you also need good connection without interruptions or similar.

To have the freedom to reach internet whenever you like in Europe is groundbreaking. This will hopefully spread to the rest of the world and there are great possibilities for people to do what they dream of.