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Help center – what is it and why is it needed?

The word Help center is becoming more common today. This is probably mainly due to the fact that the way we handle cases and problems has changed recently. When we used to be more inclined to call or email a customer service, to get help, today we prefer to solve simpler matters ourselves. That we choose to try to solve cases ourselves may be partly due to the fact that we as consumers are becoming increasingly impatient today. Many customers absolutely do not want to sit in a telephone queue or wait a few hours to receive an answer to an email. But another important factor in our choosing this path is also because we are more technically savvy.

help center

Help centers help the customer to help themselves

This is where Help Centers comes into the picture. To help the customer solve their own cases, some form of basic structure around information is often needed. Help Centers are systems or websites, built to easily search for answers. Here, customers can search among quick guides and frequently asked questions to be able to quickly find a solution to their own problem.

Part of corporate customer service

These have thus become an important part of companies’ customer service. When before, all emphasis was placed on staffing different channels, such as response groups and email addresses, companies today are placing increasing emphasis on self-service. Creating and maintaining a Help Center is often both time consuming and technically difficult. The information must be created in a simple and searchable way, while everything must of course also be correct. When something changes, companies must make sure that the right articles and guides are updated.

What is the difference between a Help Center and a Help Desk?

There are many who confuse Help centers and Help Desks, something that is easy to understand. A Help Center is a system or website, usually with completely public information. A Help Desk, on the other hand, is a system that helps companies manage customer requests via a common interface. In this way, more people can be helped to answer, for example, emails that come to a specific address.

Dstny’s own Help center

Dstny has its own Help Center, of course! Here you will find frequently asked questions our customers ask as well as guides and product sheets. If you log in to the Help Center, you can also see your ongoing cases that you have with us at Dstny. You can find the center via this link: