Improve mobile coverage

Improve mobile coverage

Improving mobile coverage is important to many since it means new opportunities in your work life. It may be the deciding factor in being able to work from home or not. Mobile coverage is impacted by different factors.

Choosing a carrier that has good mobile coverage in the locations you’re often in is fundamental, but in this text we’re going to focus on what you can do to have as good coverage as possible.

Coverage may vary greatly between different locations that are close, this could depend on what elevation you’re on and where the closest transmitter is. Many choose from what room they use at home or in the office in regards to coverage.

  • Higher elevations usually means better coverage
  • Coverage at home is usually best close to a window
  • Test the coverage in different rooms to choose your workplace
  • Different mobile phones vary in how good they receive signals
  • You can improve coverage with a repeater and other technical solutions
  • Different building material in walls, floor and roof dim mobile signals in different ways
  • The biggest factor in level of coverage is usually what carrier you have

Technical solutions that improve coverage

Sometimes it’s a good idea to connect the phone to an external antenna to improve your reception, it’s and old and tried technique but there are other alternatives today. At Dstny we offer other products that entail reach fortification. Especially inside.

Investments in coverage development can be profitable. To some companies it can even be an alternative changing to new offices. New workplaces can often be created if coverage is good and in some fields there’s a direct connection between coverage and results.

In fact, it’s mostly newly built houses that have issues with inside coverage. If they’re energy effective it usually means that signals have a hard time reaching through walls and without signal fortification you may have to move to a window to call.

Mobile coverage in the future

It’s important to keep up with the difference between call and internet coverage. Carriers use different networks for different types of traffic. 4G is for example not used for regular calls but mostly for surf and up- and downloading.

Outside coverage is steadily improve and we increasingly attain access to higher and higher data transfer speed. In regards to inside coverage, some type of buildings may need to take action in acquiring optimal coverage everywhere when needed.

There are a few actions you as an individual can perform to improve coverage for a short term, maybe even during an ongoing call. In the long run it pays off to analyze your possibilities in a building and invest in signal fortification where it’s most useful.