An IP PBX  is a offie phone system that gives companies a low-cost way of communicating internally, while at the same time connecting the business exchange with the public telephone network, PSTN.

  • IP PBX systems connects calls over the Internet
  • You can call via Softphones, cell phones or IP phones
  • IP PBX enable affordable calls internally
  • IP PBXes can divert calls to PSTN
  • An IP PBX opens up for increased functionality.

Cost-effective calls internally

IP in the word IP sPBX stands for Internet Protocol. What this means is that the calls are conducted via an internet-based connection. Simply put, the conversation goes over the internet. Calls to external contacts, that is, contacts that are not in the same corporate switchboard, are made via the public telephone network, PSTN. Thus, it is no problem to call non-IP-based numbers from an IP exchange. When it comes to calls that go to contacts within an IP exchange, the calls remain completely internet-based. This means that the costs of the actual calls that happen internally are often very low. IP switches are therefore an excellent choice for companies that want to reduce the cost of their internal calls.

IP PBX is a software

An IP PBX is usually not a physical switch. Previously, there were fixed telephone switches that stood and dusted in some basement room with hundreds of cables plugged in, which then led up to desk phones around the office. IP PBX are instead built on a software. Therefore, in order to use the service, you need to have the correct software installed on your device and a connection to the internet. The only hardware you need is the device you want to call with.

Call via IP phones, Softphones or mobile apps

Since an IP PBX is Internet-based, you do not use a regular desk phone to make calls. If you like to use these types of devices, there are IP phones instead. These look like regular desk phones but are instead plugged into a telephone jack.

For those of you who already work a lot at your computer, you can install a Softphone instead. Just as the name foretells, this is a software phone. A Softphone is a program installed on your PC or Mac that lets you make and receive calls directly from your computer. The softphone also makes it easy to handle other PBX functions such astransfering calls and managing referrals.

For those who are often on the go, a mobile PBX app can be a perfect choice. With an IP PBX in app form you get true mobility and can be accessible in the office phone system wherever you are.

Increased functionality with an IP PBX

An IP PBX also gives you the opportunity to more easily integrate your telephony system with other systems, such as CRM systems. Services with open APIs allow you to have a better overall experience of all your services, because the systems can now talk to each other. Other functionality such as video calls and chats are usually available in a IP PBX.

Choose to call from fixed numbers or mobile numbers

When you call from a Softphone or a mobile PBX, you can also choose whether you want to call from a landline number or a mobile number. If you call a customer you may want to call from your fixed network number. If you call a contact that you often talk to, you might prefer to call from your personal mobile number. You can quickly select which number you want to call from with a simple push of a button.

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