IP telephony

IP telephony

IP telephony means calls via internet instead of the traditional telecommunication networks. If you have a gateway or a model suited for IP telephony, you can connect your regular phone to it. In some cases it requires extra equipment such as a special phone or an adapter.


Dstnys IP-växel erbjuder ett flertal funktioner.When you call via IP telephony the information is sent as data packages over the network. The problem you may encounter with this form of communication is lack of reliability and data security. If you use the phone in your day-to-day calls you don’t need to worry as much since it mostly regards interception.



If you use a phone to communicate sensitive information in your role, you need to cautious of the risks. IP telephony is under constant development to improve in both a technical and security aspect. This form of communication will hopefully be as reliable as the traditional networks in the future.

  • When you call via IP telephony the information is sent in data packages.
  • Gateways and modem can include a port to connect your regular phone.
  • You may beed a special phone or an adapter to use it.
  • Reliability and security are for the meantime not optimal.
  • Many broadband suppliers offer IP telephony to customers.
  • It’s usually cheaper than traditional telephony.
  • It’s continually developed to improve technique and safety.

The modern way to communicate

Today we tend to manage most of our communication via internet. We’d rather send e-mails than mail and many of us stay in touch with friends and family through Facebook or similar. We use the internet to call and this therefore feels like the next natural step in development.

It’s possible to use Ip telephony for most that have internet access, for example via fiber or ADSL. Instead of calling through the traditional network, you call via internet where the transfer is fragmented into data packages. With a safe connection, IP telephony works just as smoothly as the traditional method.



One of the most prominent benefits with IP telephony (or broadband telephony) is that it’s usually less expensive for those who already have access to internet because you don’t have to pay for extra network fees. Suppliers usually offer subscription fees so that the only thing you need to do is pay for your calls.

Increased use

Idag har de flesta hushåll i landet tillgång till internet. IP telephony use continues ot increase, an increase that started in the 1990s. A given reason is that more people today have access to internet.

Another reason is of course that suppliers usually embed IP telephony in their offers. The popularity hasn’t gone unseen from our traditional telecommunication companies. Many of them choose to release their own versions of internet connection as well as IP telephony to stay relevant.

Some foresee that IP telephony coupled with mobile telephony will take over the market completely, that our traditional telephony networks will be shut down and towers will be demolished. If this will be the result is still to be seen, but seems very likely.

Different ways to call with IP-telephony

With IP-telephony there are several different ways you can call since it happens over internet.

IP-phone– An IP-phone doesn’t look all that different from a regular phone, but you instad plug it into the internet jack.

Computer – You can also turn your computer into an IP-phone with apps such as Skype.

Mobile phone – There are also several apps for your mobile phone you can use for IP-telephony

Regular phone – In some cases you can use your regular analogue phone for IP-telephony. Just plug it into an adapter and it will work as a bridge between the phone and internet plug.

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