Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband

 Internet is a must for most people today and it’s common to get a broadband that is mobile. It essentially means that you get a wireless internet connection that both suits computers and tablets. Getting a mobile broadband requires you to sign a subscription or get a prepaid card.

Costs for subscriptions depend on which carrier and bundle you choose. You can for example have a subscription with curing period or get a mobile broadband without. You usually pay a fixed cost per day, week or month.

You can also choose to have a minimum monthly cost which varies the cost from month to month. A practical choice if you surf differently and then only paying for the amount you use. Mobile broadband is especially popular for summer houses due to the use of 3G or Turbo 3G for connection.

  • Mobile broadband is wireless connection for computers and tablets
  • You can either sign a subscription or get a prepaid card
  • There’s a range of different actors on the market today
  • You can either get a subscription with or without curing period
  • You can choose to either pay per day, week or month.
  • Mobile broadband is a popular alternative for the summer house
  • You can get a SIM card when you order mobile subscription


Modem and SIM card

A must for your mobile broadband is a working SIM card, and when you order mobile broadband you usually receive a card with. The card should fit in the different modems, tablets and primarily computers. Technique today has come a long way which means that you can acquire a so-called triple SIM.

These SIM cards are divided into micro, nano and mini that only have one purpose, to fit different units. You need a router or modem for it to work, and then you can connect different units of choice.

There are different modems but one that always needs to be connected to a USB outlet. These modems are needed for those who use a computer. This means that it’s not practical in a family home. It is however good to get a modem for those who travel a lot.

Information about routers

When talking about mobile broadband, you often hear router in the same sentence. Today there are both stationary as well as battery-driven routers. You can for example find a stationary router in homes. This router requires a power connection which doesn’t make it very flexible.

A router that is battery driven is much more flexible which is a good alternative for those who travel a lot. A tip is to control that the carrier you use has coverage at your destination. You can also connect the router to various units at the same time.

If you travel a lot with your job you can bring a so called coverage map. Check the coverage in places you visit you make sure that you have access to internet. Today there are many different carriers with different prices and subscriptions that suit all different lifestyles.

Want to learn more about mobile routers? Click on the button to read more!

Want to learn more about mobile broadband routers? Click on the button to read more!