Mobile Carriers

Mobile Carriers

Mobile carriers offer services in communication with telecommunications and data traffic. There are many different options to choose from in the market, with a handful of well-known and widely trusted carriers. The carriers create communication opportunities via mobile networks that are set up by the carriers themselves or purchased from another.

Fördelar med att vara operatörsoberoende är många.

Abroad, they may charge extra fees for using the local mobile network in principle, regardless of which mobile carrier you have. However, this does not apply in the EU and EEA countries, where all extra fees were removed under new EU regulations in 2017 as part of the EU’s efforts to bring Europe together.

Compare carefully when choosing a mobile operator so that you get what you need in the subscription. How much data traffic do you use and how much calls, surfing and texting you are. It can be difficult to choose, but there is help to get both online and in physical stores.



  • Sweden’s most common mobile carriers include 3, Comviq, Telia and Hallon
  • Mobile carriers offer telecommunications and data traffic services
  • Operators create their mobile network which provides coverage for calls and data traffic
  • Virtual operators buy into other operators’ mobile networks
  • Outside the home country, operators have agreements with local operators’ mobile networks
  • Regardless of operator, it is now free to use the network in all EU and EEA countries
  • Choose the operator according to price, coverage and special services offered

What does a mobile carrier do?

The task of a mobile operator is to provide services in communication both through fixed networks and wireless communications. In practice, this means fixed telephony and the internet through cables, as well as mobile phone, mobile data traffic and WiFi services. This is done by establishing mobile networks with different large reach and capacity that create coverage.

Some operators have established their own mobile networks, while some others buy into existing networks. These are called virtual carriers, but in everyday speech no major difference is made between virtual and those with their own network, as it rarely plays a role for the ordinary customer.

Agreements with carriers abroad determine the cost of calls, sms and internet connection in each country, but there are now provisions in all EU and EEA countries that remove all extra costs. However, the usual subscription costs still apply, and prepaid cards are not always included in the agreement.

How to choose a carrier?

There are a few different parameters to keep in mind when choosing a mobile operator. The price is an important one – some newer operators, usually the ones that use other’s networks, offer very cheap subscriptions, mainly aimed at young people and students, but which are often available to everyone.

If you often stay in remote environments, coverage is an important parameter to consider, as some offer better reach than others on their mobile networks. In some cases, this is a trade-off against the price, where one may prioritize one or the other, but this is not always the case.

If you want extra surf, family subscription or other special services, there is also someone who can decide your choice of operator. On the internet there is a wealth of comparisons and tips forums, and if you do not want to enter the Internet jungle there are often knowledgeable staff in the larger electronics stores who are happy to help.

Dstny is operator independent

We at Dstny are carrier independent, with us you can change, retain or mix operator in your company switch. Ideal for those who want to be able to mix or change operator without having to think about binding times. Keep, change or mix operators freely. We are also our own carrier.

Do you want to know more?

Want to know more about what we at Dstny can offer you as an entrepreneur when it comes to carrier services? Then you are welcome to contact us on 010-410 50 00 or email us at You can also fill out the form on our contact page and we will contact you instead.