Mobile data abroad

Mobile data abroad

Many people use mobile data abroad when they are traveling and have their phone with them. Surfing and using mobile data abroad has long been something that could easily become expensive. Today the situation is much better and prices have dropped around the world when it comes to using mobile data abroad. Thanks to the roaming rules that exist in the EU, you do not have to pay any extra roaming fees when you surf the EU. This means that you can continue to use your phone as usual without risking the costs going up considerably. Also other parts of the world are now much more affordable when it comes to surf and there are good surf packages to buy from many carriers.

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What is mobile data abroad?

Mobile data is what is usually called “surf” and is measured in megabytes or gigabytes. Mobile data is what your phone uses to send and receive information. If your mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi then no mobile data is used, even if you make calls. Many subscriptions contain a limited amount of mobile data (surf) that you can use in the country where the subscription is subscribed. If you are abroad, other rules for mobile data usually apply.

  • If you are browsing the EU on a European subscription, no additional fees are payable
  • Roam like at home (RLAH) is an agreement between European countries
  • Roaming in the EU as well as in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein is part of RLAH
  • The MAGP stands for Fair Usage Policy and is designed to regulate so that RLAH is not exploited incorrectly
  • Surfing in countries outside the EU can be expensive
  • A 24-hour pass or a predetermined amount of surf can be purchased for your subscription

RLAH (Rome like at home)

When using mobile data abroad, other rules often apply. However, in order to simplify mobility within the EU, a rule has been set up, this is called Rome like at home. It was June 15, 2017 that this rule came into force. Simply put, it means that if you subscribe to your EU subscription, you should be able to use mobile data within the EU at no extra cost. However, this does not mean that there is free surf throughout Europe, a common misconception. If you have 10 GB of surf on a Swedish subscription then you should be able to use this in the rest of Europe as well. Ideal for anyone traveling a lot either at work or in private. There are some other countries outside the EU that also have free roaming and that is Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

Normal consumption of roaming abroad

However, there are exceptions, something called FUB (fair usage policy). This is a policy that has been set up to prevent RLAH from being used. For example, if you are abroad for an extended period of time, RLAH may cease to apply and some subscriptions only allow you to use about 80% of your total surf.

Therefore, it is good to always check with your supplier what terms apply. For example, how much is considered “normal consumption” of mobile data abroad before a charge starts to be charged. It is entirely up to the operators to decide for themselves how big this “roof” should be

If you have poor control when roaming is activated, a tip is to look for the welcome sms you get when you cross a country border in the EU. In the text message you receive from your operator there is information on how you can use roaming as well as what the policy is for.

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Mobile data in countries outside the EU

If you are traveling outside the EU instead, it may be good to check before traveling what applies to mobile data consumption in the particular country you are traveling to. Many subscriptions have begun to include more common destinations, such as the United States, in their roaming packages. But many countries still have an expensive tariff per gigabyte so it can be good to be careful. One tip is to turn off roaming before traveling so your apps won’t start using mobile data as soon as you turn off airplane mode.

Buy for mobile data packages abroad

For those countries outside the EU, there are often packages where you can buy in advance for surfing that you can use. Usually you buy a 24-hour pass or a certain amount of data. This way you can use your mobile phone without having to worry about unexpected costs. When the surf starts to end in the package you bought, you are often given an SMS telling you how much is left. Then you usually get a choice if you want to buy more surf.

Dsnty’s mobile data package abroad

At Dstny we have made different packages to suit different needs and different destinations in the world.

Day pass

This service is activated on your subscription, the service is then latent and starts automatically every time you are abroad. You do not need to re-order it after a stay abroad. The price is between SEK 99-169 / day depending on the zone. In most zones, this includes 1GB, but in zone World 2 only 25MB is included for SEK 149. This fixed-price charge will end up on your invoice the next month from when you first used your roaming.

Travel pass

This service can be activated no earlier than 12 months before your trip, and we charge the cost immediately when the product is activated. However, your roaming balance will only start to be deducted when you use the roaming in the affected zone. These packages are active for a maximum of 14 days and contain 3GB for SEK 499, in addition to zone World 2 where you can use 100MB for SEK 399.