Mobile extension

About mobile extension

Mobile extension is a must for companies that wish to increase flexibility in their work that have a stationary station, but who also want to be able to work while abroad. With this program your mobile phone works as an extension in your company PBX and you have access to all programs and apps.

Today companies are required to constantly be connected in order to compete in the on the tough market. With a mobile extension bundle you can make sure that your company has everything it needs to fulfill customer needs with the best quality.

With a MEX bundle you can perform the same type of work wherever you are and it’s therefore a very flexible solution. The bundle includes among others an advanced voicemail, reference, etc. You can also create a bundle after your needs.

  • Mobile PBX solutions independent of location and more flexible than stationary solutions.
  • Connects the stationary solutions with flexibility in mobile solutions.
  • Relieves work for traveling companies.
  • The solution is customized according to company needs.
  • Cost-efficient with fixed fees to all company mobile units.
  • The service company that provides MEX has extensive experience and is certified in integration and Network Operations.
  • Reliable and safe suppliers of future technology.

Pocket office

MEX connects all employees in the company and each of them are connected to the PBX system through their mobile unit. MEX also simplifies internal communication in the company. Each employee is easily reached by short number and MEX streamlines their communication, even on the go. The future solution is here.

Even if solutions may seem advanced with their abbreviations and complicated technical descriptions, it’s the simplicity that counts. Regarding technique, you’re always guaranteed fast support from the deliverers knowledgable and experienced coworkers. The future is here, easy access and easily managed for all companies that are open to the future solutions.

To be able to offer flexible technique that streamlines company’s internal contact network creates outgoing efficiency towards customers and external networks. A well functioning PBX system fortifies company’s professionalism and brand. Through efficiency companies show that they are a well functioning organization and a strong collaboration partner.

Exact analysis of company needs

Before you bind a MEX solution to your company, a special project leader and a contact person will be appointed. The project leader will review your company’s communication solutions and analyze your specific needs. The analysis is done in consultation with the employee responsible for communication that will have a good understanding of the proposed solutions.

When an analysis is complete the project leader will consult the customer and the supplier’s integrator and product specialists to establish a customized solution for your company’s specific needs. All companies are different and after a thorough analysis the customer will be presented with a suited solution.

 When the whole solution is formulated, all employees will be informed of the new solution and connected to the new system. When all employees and entire organization is connected to the company MEX solution you will easily be able to get in touch with techical support with your own mobile.