Mobile phone

Mobile phone

The mobile phone is a phone that is portable and works through radio technology. Today this is something most possess and can’t imagine being without. Here you will learn more about what mobile suits you and your company, to find a cohesive solution.

For companies it’s essential to have hardware that works. Many companies are dependent of their mobile phones today to have contact with customers without limitation. We offer mobile phones with all the latest technology you need to meet your customers as professionally as possible.

It’s understandable that you don’t want to combine work and private life, in that case it’s extremely important that companies provide their coworkers with a special work phone. It will both be seen as professional by customers and your employees can choose to answer calls or not on their free time.

  • Hardware – The physical parts of the technology.
  • Mobile phone – A phone that is portable and chargeable.
  • Technology – knowledge of how to use different tools
  • Portable – Possible to bring anywhere
  • Radio technology – Technology that goes through radio waves in the air
  • Work phone – A phone that only is used on work time
  • Complete solution – A solution that suffices all customer needs


A mobile phone per employee?

When companies decide install technology to streamline, you may wonder how much technique you need. But do you really need a phone for every employee? Some see it as beneficial with each having their own, but it’s not completely necessary.

If you don’t want to distribute work phones for all your employees, you instead need to make sure that everyone in office has access to a workphone. This means that employees can share work phones and in that way make sure that they’re only used during work hours.

There are also benefits with providing phones for all, especially when you a certain employee always stays in touch with a specific customer. A system with shifting work phones can be perceived as confusing and less professional.

Benefits with the latest technology

When you have decided to acquire work phones it’s important to make sure that the phone you buy covers all the needs your company has. Maybe you can manage fine with phones that only allow calls, but could benefit from apps.

Some companies use the camera in their job. Apps to facilitate work in any way, by for example reporting work hours. To communicate with customers with pictures can sometimes leviate work, and also being able to communicate with group chat.

No matter the need, we can always provide a sufficient solution. We help provide hardware, PBX services and carrier agreements, all in the same place. In that way we can provide a complete solution that meets all your needs.