Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud services are IT services that allow you to manage programs, processor power, data storage etc online instead of your computers software. For a service to class as a cloud service there are some requirements. As a consumer you need to order, change and remove services without any human interaction.

In addition, consumers need to have access to the services from different units, for example; computer, mobile, tablet, through internet. The supplier segments the resources dynamically in proportion to customer needs. Customers have free choice when it comes to ordering services and you have access to as much as you like, whenever you like.

Most cloud services have a fixed monthly or yearly fee, but there are some services that you pay a certain amount each time it’s used or for every hour of use. This helps you avoid unnecessary resources which oftentimes is the downside of traditional IT operation.

  • Access services from all units
  • Companies can manage service without extra human interference
  • Cloud services offer flexible payment solutions for your company.
  • You can avoid to pay for unnecessary resources
  • Change or order more services, as much as you like, and whenever you like
  • Access your services anywhere in the world
  • The supplier manages operation of the IT services which saves your company time

The cloud service benefits

Some of the most prominent benefits with cloud services lies in the flexibility and usability. Cloud services are owned by the supplier and company customers can have them but don’t need to own them or store them on computer software, which could raise the risk of hackers and other IT crimes, or manage operation of systems.

 This also allows more time and work for your company, which makes it possible for companies to focus on the core operation. Cloud service suppliers can also offer their customers high security which in other cases would be expensive for small companies. Storage in the cloud is also protected if the computer should break.

Apart from this it’s very cost-efficient to use cloud services. For most companies that want to update their services this means low starting costs since you don’t have to buy the software. Thanks to a fixed monthly cost it’s easy to budget and companies don’t need to stand for maintenance and security costs.

What services can you use with the cloud?

The most famous cloud services are probably storage. Both companies and individuals use storage in the cloud for important images or documents but network storage is only one of the many cloud services you can use.  The different services that count as cloud services can be divided into three groups.

These groups are Software as a service, Platform as a service and infrastructure as a service. Software as a service (SaaS) means that you can use a supplier’s application via a web browser or a program interface. A few examples of SaaS is social media and e-mail.

Platform as a service (PaaS) allows users to develop and distribute applications without specialised expertise. PaaS is used when for example creating a website. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) entails fundamental computer resources such as processor power, storage and network. As you might have noticed by now, cloud services can be huge aids to small and big companies.

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