Online meeting

About Online meetings

Online meetings can consist of different meanings, distance meeting, digital meeting, or travel free meeting for example. The digital meetings can be done with video conference or webb meeting. It’s increasingly becoming more common to have webb meeting due to it being cost efficient and beneficial in many ways.

The most beneficial aspect of digital meetings is that more can participate. Participants don’t have to stress a meeting, but can connect to to it wherever they may be. Less stressed participants mean happier participants, and often more efficient meetings. It’s also a climate smart alternative.

To have a successful digital meeting it’s important to set clear and concise rules. This may for example entail an agenda that participants can take part of. All participants need to be prepared in order to have a productive meeting.

  • Successful digital meetings are also called smart meetings.
  • Traveling can have negative health effects.
  • Digital meetings are cheaper.
  • Digital meetings are climate smart.
  • Suitable projects for digital meetings are those where different parts take part from different locations.
  • Digital meetings can be video conferences or web meetings. A set strategy is required to have travel free and functional meetings.

The possibilities with digital meetings

A digital meetings doesn’t necessarily only have to be sound. It can be video, sound, and text all at the sam time. To connect to a video meeting you need a computer and a connected webcam. Nearly all computers from 2010 and forward have built-in webcam and microphone that is pre-installed. Apart from camera and sound you also need internet connection

If you’re going to present a solution description it may also require drawing on a board to illustrate thoughts. Both Google, Adobe and Microsoft have online tools for it. In some cases it’s already built into the meeting application. They’re usually fairly simple but very functional.

In some meetings there are people that are going to present or show something on the screen and in those cases you can use the function remote control. In theory it means that chosen participants gain access to steering the presentation computer.

Companies that work with digital meetings

With digital meetings new opportunities blossom. You can have meetings with people all over the world, or hold seminars with your customers and in that way improve customer relations. Working with digital meetings is smart and time effective. Online meetings in form of seminars and customer meetings is a success factor for companies today.

To get the most out of a digital meeting with your colleagues you need a good work methodology. There are many methods today that work for productive digital meetings, and two famous ones are Lean and Scrum. Both are focused on minimizing resource waste and streamlining business value. Digital meetings is an integral part of both methods.

The fact that value is improved with digital meetings is easy to understand, but by exactly how much is harder to calculate. This goes to say for physical meetings as well. Digital meetings should therefore be seen as a complement and tool for physical and regular meetings.

Our solutions

At Dstny we offer different solutions in Teams for online meetings. These services can help you with holding and taking part of distance meetings with colleagues and customers. Apart from voice and video functions, there are smart solutions to make the meetings as interactive and creative as possible.

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