PBX number

About PBX number

We’ve come far in the development since individual people connected all of our alls. Today the majority of calls go to a PBX number that allows us to make choices and then be transferred to a person in a government agency or a big company.

With aid of a PBX number companies can collect all of their incoming calls to one number, and then transfer the calls to the right person, department or an office. The telephone PBX can both be automatic and manual, and simply works in a way that connects people with each other.

Many may first think of the PBX number in combination with other authorities or with bigger companies, which is mostly right. Since the PBX is used to transfer calls it’s the bigger organizations that in first hand need a PBX, such as Skatteverket.

  • PBX number is a way to collect incoming calls.
  •  PBX number makes it easier to organize incoming calls.
  • The PBX can be automatic or manual (managed by a person).
  • PBX number is a great asset for big companies.
  • PBX number can also be used by government agencies to transfer calls.
  • Stockholm got a unitary automatic telephony PBX in 1924.
  • Today the technique is steered towards mobile PBX solutions.

Mobile PBX today

Today there are way more modern alternatives instead of a telephonist that transfers calls from a reception. There are countless mobile solutions for telephone PBX, that for example allows more people with different titles in the company to receive calls from the unitary PBX number.

Since calls to the PBX can be transferred to various coworkers the workload can be spread out a little more, and the caller can avoid sitting in a phone queue. If a coworker is busy the call can be redirected to go to the next person in line, so that the customer will always get help.

In addition, mobile PBX can be managed through the cloud. It allows phone numbers to be saved and shared with the people in the company that may need it. It’s often possible to adjust the cloud service after needs such as how many employees should be connected to the unitary PBX number.

Which numbers are PBX numbers?

PBX numbers can look different, but oftentimes start with 010. These numbers are independent of geographic place, which means that they may come from offices all over Sweden. The advantage of this kind of number is that you can bring it with you when moving.

PBX numbers can lead to the caller getting in touch with a person to help them transfer, but you will most likely be met with a recording and the possibility to use numbers and button-clicks to get further, where 1 leads to an office, 2 to another and so on.

 By having a PBX number it’s easier to transfer the customer calls to the right person faster, especially if they themselves can choose where with help of buttons. They can choose their errand and get to talk to someone that can answer immediately, instead of taking a detour to other people.

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