Phone coverage

Phone coverage

For a phone to be able to call, send SMS or use data surf it needs coverage. Reception is a word that can be used as a synonym for coverage. What phone coverage regards is that it requires a sending unit with a reach that comprises the area you’re in.

Different carriers can also have good coverage in the same area and there are countless areas today that completely lack coverage. How good the coverage is can also depend you your own phone.

It’s not just mobile phones that need good coverage but also wireless phones that are included in the same system as a central unit to the landline network through a phone plug. In that case the coverage outside of roughly 50 meters.

  • If you have coverage you’re in the reach of a receiver.
  • It’s not about having coverage or not, how good it it is varies.
  • Use a coverage map to find out how good it is
  • Coverage is getting better and better by each year.
  • Really good coverage means that more services are available.
  • With help of technical solutions in technology you can improve your coverage.
  • Your phone’s antenna affects the quality of coverage.

Is there coverage everywhere?

Coverage has a connection with population density. It’s more profitable for a carrier to improve coverage when there are plenty of potential customers. Some scarcely populated areas have no coverage at all. But these spots are decreasing thanks to the fast development in internet and telephony.

It’s not just private actors that work to improve coverage, but it’s also in the commune’s interest to provide their country by investing in digital infrastructure. Consult a so called coverage map if you beforehand want to find out if a certain area has good coverage or not.

Different mobile networks have different good coverage in different parts of the country. Which carrier you should choose depends on how often you’re in the same place or if you travel a lot, and in that case between what places you usually move.

Phone coverage in the future

The fact that phone coverage is improving doesn’t just mean it’ll be possible to call from new areas. It’s also about having access to larger amounts of data and faster downloads. It will, as a related sequence, be possible to work from home in more locations.

When we talk about internet and call coverage for mobile phones it’s often about 5G today. It’s a wireless mobile network that will give us extremely fast internet and huge data amounts. There are currently many interesting attempts with this system in some parts in the country.

In the future computers and many other electrical units be a part of the same networks which is called “internet of things”. We will in essence be able to discuss coverage in a broader term than today and it will also regard wireless coverage first hand.