Phone numbers abroad

Phone numbers abroad

This add-on service is aimed to the companies that want all international employees to have the same PBX functions as those in Sweden. The module phone numbers abroad is created for the companies that want to help coworkers all over the world to coexist in a shared telephony solution.

With this service everyone in the company call each other for free, no matter where they’re located. The company contacts the local carrier and requests a connecting coworkers to the service and after that is done all employees will have the same freedom as the Swedish and will be fully integrated to the add-on solution.

This add-on service has an additional function in which you as a company will get help with signing numbers abroad if you don’t already have any. Observe that so called MEX subscriptions don’t exist outside of Sweden. The solution has a good performance and high maintenance security that can be trusted.

  • The add-on service has the same function no matter what country the coworker is located in.
  • The solution consists of free calls between coworkers around the world.
  • Sign new international numbers or move existing ones.
  • Possible to choose what number should be shown when calls go from the PBX.
  • Possible to negotiate a better price.
  • Possible to have local numbers on a city level.
  • You can also create answer groups where various users can answer calls.

Connect new numbers to the service

If it would occur that colleagues abroad don’t have existing numbers, you can create new international numbers in large quantities in countries all over the world. However, the list of countries isn’t world-wide. There are also difference in how local numbers can be.

This add-on service is priced in a way that if a company chooses to buy more numbers, the price is lower. In most cases it’s therefore cheaper to signa a selection of numbers rather than individual agreements for each number. In short, a series of numbers makes every separate number cheaper.

With this add-on service employees get access to all PBX functions within the company; mobile, PBX, softphone and IP telephony which relieves collaboration in multinational companies, meaning companies that are active in many countries, Through this solution you can also create answer groups where users in all countries can cooperate.

Choose what number to show

With this add-on service it’s possible to adapt the call internationally so that the number on receiving end is adjusted, it won’t be shown that the person calling is based in another country. It’s therefore possible to choose what number . you as a company want your employees to show when they call.

In general people tend to be more cautious of incoming calls from abroad, this add-on service allows you to adapt the number locally. There are countries that require local presence for a company to sign a national number, but this also requires that the company in question has a national organisation number.

With this module a company can acquire international numbers i Australia, South Korea, Peru, South Africa or Malta. With this add-on solution a company can choose to have a central telephonist that forwards all the calls and without any delays or extra costs.

We can help your company with international numbers. Contact us and we will tell you more.