Phone sitting

Phone sitting

Phone sitting means that you let another company manage your phone. Maybe you’re on vacation or in a conference but your customers are still answered by someone telling them you’re away and for how long.

A phone sitting service can be designed in many different ways. It’s common to have it connect whenever you need it, and it works similar to an operator or secretary. You notify of your leave in a way that’s easiest for you that you’re agreed on.

Technically it’s managed in different ways, but it’s most commonly done over internet where you inform the phone sitter of and that you’re going somewhere and when you’ll be back. This may be done by e-mail or button clicks on the phone depending on what’s easiest for you who want to buy the service.

  • Phone sitting is great when on a conference or business trip
  • Your customers are always met by a friendly and professional voice.
  • You can manage it by e-mail or internet.
  • Phone sitting gives your company a professional impression.
  • Can be managed directly from your phone with a few button clicks.
  • Always nicer to be met by a real person rather than an answering machine.
  • Someone can always be reached to get in touch with the company.

Professional and friendly service

To hire a company to manage your phone sitting is a smart choice to make sure that your customers are always met by someone who can happily and professionally answer them. It does wonders to be met by a real person rather than an answering machine, and it feels more legit.

Your customers or business contacts will have much more understanding of the fact that you’re in a meeting and can’t take calls if someone explains it to them in a friendly manner rather than a repeating answering machine.

To hire a person for phone sitting is a smart investment that doesn’t have to cost as much as hiring someone, for example an operator or a secretary. Since companies that works with phone sitting doesn’t work with one company, you can keep costs relatively low.

Service and support

In the tough world that we live in, being competitive is crucial. Great service to customers is all the more important in todays business world. Prices are pushed lower and lower and it doesn’t leave much left in terms of being competitive.

Because of this, the question of service and support increase. Although you can’t always be available to meet and answer your customers and their questions, it’s important that they’re not neglected.

With phone sitting they will be served and supported and can expect response from you or another company. They never need to wait and be answered by a repetitive answering machine.