Post och Telestyrelsen

What does “Post & Telestyrelsen” do? – Dstny explains!

When “Postverket” was restructured to a public company, a government authority was needed for mail transfer and similar areas. It was the joint venture with then “Telestyrelsen” and in 1993 the management authority “Post & Telestyrelsen” was founded, in short PTS. They cover areas such as IT, mail, radio and telecommunication and operates under the ministry.

The predecessor to PTS was Postverket that was founded in February 1636 under queen Kristina’s curators Axel Oxenstierna. From the 1670s, letters that had given addresses could be sent out with the traditional mailmen. During the beginning of the 1900s the mailboxes were placed in different locations with villas where mailman were given a so called line to send out mail to.

However, mail wasn’t actually just letters with words, it was way to save and send money.  The Mail saving bank was founded in 1884 and was run by Postverket for 90 years. Under the next 400 years,  mail has changed in form completely but one thing stuck around; the mail horn as a symbol.

  • “Postverket & Telestyrelsen” became “Post & Telestyrelsen”
  • “Post & Telestyrelsen” is run under the governments management authority
  • PTS works with among others some consumer questions in regard to telephony
  • “Post & Telestyrelsen” have an information location for carriers and individuals
  • PTS has a conclusive view of mail and communication
  • The management authority works to improve all sorts of communication
  • PTS sets rules for carriers and reviews their operation

Overall goals for PTS

“Post & Telestyrelsen” operate for the communication in the country and the improvement in several different aspects. The expansion of the landline and mobile networks in regard to all private, public and civil users and their access to such a service is what they offer.

Further to elementary payment services and transferring messages can be used by all users and can be managed safely through tested electronic network connections that’s required for all types of service within communication. Plus, managing numbers and radio spectrum so that the society benefits is maximised in the future.

PTS provides customers with choices in all areas for communication and mail, not only in pricing and effectivity. Consumer should feel safe and be able to manage the rights they’re given. All must have access to information so that their active choices are as substantiated as possible.

How the authority works

The “Post & Telestyrelsen” operation is financed mainly through income as licensee carriers, companies and people pay for their supervision, for example radio. In addition, they also receive income in form of contribution to procurement of services within communication and expansion of broadband.

The work derives from laws and regulations but PTS can also make suggestions to the government of changes or additions to these. By supervising they control actors on the market and issues are firstly managed in dialogue. If proven unsuccessful PTS are able to issue injunctions that are binding to make decisions in court twits.

“Post & Telestyrelsen”  is led by an authority with seat in Stockholm. The old and beautiful building that the authority works from is also on Valhallavägen. Their general director today is Dan Sjöblom that together with staff among other things consistently work to provide Sweden with a safe and consistent connection in 2025.