About referral

With referral a company can make sure they’re not interrupted at certain times, and thus also make sure they’re not disappointing customers. The service is often included in company subscriptions and can be used for occasions where calls shouldn’t be incoming as usual.

Referral is a way for staff to adjust their incoming calls according to their workday, by not always having to take calls, but still informing the person calling why they can’t answer at the moment. Referral can be set in your mobile phone as well as your landline phone.

Referral mean that the person calling receives a message that they’re in meeting, on vacation or out for lunch. Messages are pre-set from the carrier you choose, but sometimes you may also set your own reasons for referral.

  • Referral can be be used with landline phones and mobile phones.
  • Most carriers have referral in their company offer.
  • You adjust your referral and when it should go out.
  • Referrals can be set to be occasional or recurring.
  • Statuses automatically change from busy to available.
  • You can activate the referral on other’s phones so they won’t have to be disturbed.
  • You can enter both date and number for when you’ll be available again.

When do you use referral?

Referral can be used for a range of different occasions. A popular one is of course meetings, where an unexpected incoming call can be really distracting. By setting your referral before the meeting you can avoid it, and then receive calls as usual when the meeting is over.

If you have recurring meetings you can also set the referral at the same time every week, maybe for monday meetings? Of course you can also set your referral for other purposes and longer periods, such as sick-leave or if you have a one-day conference.

You can frequently change your status directly in your phone, you may also give your authorisation to for exmaple your boss to also change your status. Maybe you’re in an unplanned meeting and can’t use your phone, then someone else can possibly help you out.

How do you activate/deactivate referrals?

It varies between carriers, but you usually dial a number and then choose what settings with different numbers and symbols. A certain number combination to “call” settings, and then other combinations to choose referral reason.

Referral is really helpful for those trying to reach you, because they’re not just met by no answer and actually get a reason and when you’ll return. It gives a much better impression to customers than when they have to call again while still not knowing if you’re available again.

In other words, it’s beneficial for both customers and the company. If you also have a staffed PBX with a telephonist or a receptions it’s much easier for them to know which coworkers are available or unavailable for calls.