What is self-service?

The name self-service is pretty self-explanatory; to help yourself, and oftentimes when you buy something or manage common errands.

A few examples of self-service includes; gas station or self-scanning in food stores. The term self-service or self-help is increasingly becoming more common in online systems that allow customers to help themselves, find answers and solve errands on their own without involving an agent. Self-service can be found on a website or in an app, and in some cases even through interactive voice systems (IVR).

These systems exist on different levels; some are more basic such as FAQ pages with answers to the most frequent questions. Others are more advanced with functions that allow you to solve entire errands on your own.

Why is self-service so important?

Today self-service isn’t just an extra service that companies offer as a bonus to their regular supply. Customers today expect self-service alternatives. According to research 70% of customers want to be able to solve errands on their own in first hand. A well functioning self-service can provide customers with consequent and relevant answers, as well as improve the impression of you company as well as customer satisfaction.

Zero line support

Self-service is also called zero-line support. It means that you in some manner can get support, through an interface, and without reaching a supplier at first point of contact.

Dstny’s own Self-service portal – MyAdmin 

At Dstny we have developed our own portal or self-service that works as an administrator interface for end-customers. It requires an administrator for your company PBX to gain access to the portal.

MyAdmin is developed for administrators to retain more control over their company solutions. With a user-friendly interface and eye catching UX we offer customers a clear overview and opportunity to easily manage the most common errands that may be encountered in the role as telephony administrator. We also have support that by standard is better than field norms. We believe that the portal will help lower queue times between customers and support due to the fact that the portal is as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

The portal is continuously updated with new functions and improvements to the interface that allows us to offer a portal that always is up to date. With our self-service MyAdmin everything from orders, delivery and invoice is managed automatically which means less invoice related questions.

We hope and believe that our work to modernize, digitalize and automate our self-service will help improve for customers. With help of feedback and tips from customers we continuously strive to improve, refine and integrate the portal with our own and external actors.

With MyAdmin it’s easy to follow up on actions in the portal with a history list for the whole organization. You can easily see if your colleagues have completed a task that you were about to do in order to avoid double work. As a customer, whom shall have access is completely up to you and the interface makes it easy to understand what changes you need to work on and who may add costs.

Example of functions in MyAdmin

Sometimes it can be difficult when creating a new user to know what rights that person should have. We have therefore added the possibility to easily copy an existing profile to avoid similar issues. Everything from response groups, contact lists and licenses can be copied, and the only thing you need to do is manually fill in username, password, e-mail and number, the rest is copied from the marked profile. In addition, we’ve added a bulk function that’s very useful to perform on multiple users at the same time.