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What is Skype for business? – Dstny explains!

Today many companies operate in different cities or countries. This is possible thanks to the digital development that has resulted in the creation of digital contact tools and services. One among them is Skype for business where companies can conduct digital meetings together with up to 250 participants simultaneously.

Skype for business can take pride in being one of the world’s easiest online tools for video and phone conference. It has become extremely easy for companies to have meetings and similar since it only requires a few button clicks to invite others to a digital meeting.

Skype for business also has other necessary functions for companies. You can for example record, vote, share screen, share Windows programs and chat. A perfect tool for small and big companies that operate in different locations.

  • Skype for business offers video- and teleconference through digital units
  • Possible to hold conferences with up to 250 participants at the same time
  • Skype for business offers other business related servicesOne of the world’s easiest online tools for video- and teleconference
  • Skype for business is a part of Office365
  • Easy for participants to connect to the meeting/conference
  • Support for the service available around the clock


Tips for video calls with Skype for business

For the companies that are interested in improving their video meetings it’s easy to reach Skype for business. The tool is a part of Office365 and one fo the many functions that therefore apply is ability to create meetings in your calendar.

After a meeting has been set in the calendar at a certain date, a Skype link is created. This link must be used to invite other participants to participate in the meting. One of the benefits of calls in Skype for business is that you can focus more on the people that participate.

You can easily do this by using the functions such as automatic cut and head-tracking. In that way you can focus more on the person you’re talking to without risking disruption from the environment you’re in. Thanks to Skype for business and it’s use of HD-video, quality is never lacking.

Even though though the tool Skype for business offers high-quality solutions for video calls, it doesn’t always perform as expected. It’s therefore important to have a support to contact for questions or concerns. The support is open around the clock and can be reached by phone or a form that you fill in on the website.

Apart from the previously mentioned functions in this text, you can also use great tools such as; PowerPoint, Excel, Word and OneNote. You get a bundle that includes everything that a company could need. The service can be used on all units such as PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android.

Another great and fun feature in the service is that you can create Whiteboards. The digital meeting with your colleagues and partner can feel like you’re all in the same room, even though you’re in different countries.

The death of Skype for business

Microsoft’s announcement of the termination of Skype for Business in 2021 baffled many corporate users that till this day heavily rely on the platform for business communication. This marks a paradigm shift in the world of communication, where over 30 million active monthly users will have to find the next best alternative. Not only does this mark a significant gap in voice/video call market, but it also marks a new time where access to a myriad range of different options will be emerging. Microsoft has also been working heavily in providing the next big Skype alternative; and this has resulted in Microsoft Teams that intends to fully replace Skype. MS Teams is a collaboration platform that alleviates work by collecting all methods for communication, collaboration and apps in the same platform.

Dstny is completely integrated with MS Team. Read more about it here.

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