What is a smartmobile? – Dstny explains!

Smartmobile is another word for smartphone. You could say that a smortmobile is a combination of a phone and a laptop, and thus has functions beyond sending texts or calling. Smartmobiles have taken portable phones place on the market all over the world.

The Swedish mobile phone company Ericsson launched the word smartphone in 1997 but it was only until Apple released their smartmobile iPhone with touchscreen and apps that it revolutionised the mobile market. Today almost everyone owns a smartmobile and all have access to an online store where you can download apps.

With the apps you can increase the mobile’s features beyond just calling and texting. You can for example connect social media such as Instagram, and app that focuses on uploading pictures like selfies which is a phenomenon that derivates from the camera phones.

  •  A mix of a phone and a laptop
  • Has access to installation of third party programs
  • Strongly connected to the use of social media
  • The term smartphone was coined by Ericsson in 1997 with the phone Ericsson GS88
  • Predicted to be more in number than people in 2021
  • The most common platforms are iOS or Android
  • Often has touchscreen or physical keyboards

Mobile expansion due to data surf

In 2014 a whooping 73% of inhabitants in Sweden had a smartmobile. The year thereafter 75% had a smartphone. A third of the world’s population had a smartmobile in 2017. The smartmobile use is increasing the most in Africa and Asia. This is due to the increased mobile coverage and that prices are decreasing.

Smartphones connect to internet through data surf by the mobile network or WiFi. This is due to the development of the 3G networks that allow cheaper data surf for smartphones. With 3G you could start surfing around the internet, watch videos, use GPS in a map and so on.

4G was thereafter the successor and resulted in even faster data surf for smart mobiles. 5G will entail even faster speed but won’t really be needed since apps don’t require much bandwidth. Artificial intelligence in smartphones will however need 5G.

The mobile use

In 2012 four out of five mobile owners used their smartphones to shop online. Today website are developed to work flawlessly no matter if you’re using your phone or computer. But the mobile is also a vulnerable unit with a camera and microphone that can easily be hacked and tapped.

All the more people use their phones right before bedtime which became a big discussion topic for researchers in regard to and what effects it has on sleep. Research has showed that the blue light from mobiles that prevent bodies from secrete sleep hormones. This has resulted in more developers introducing night mode with orange light.

Reacher has also proved that mobile use can be seen as drug use. This is due to the fact that the brain is activated in similar manner as if it were cocaine. The brain sends out dopamine when the user checks social media, messages and newsfeed. Mobile addition isn’t as of yet an admitted medical diagnosis.