SMS services

There are several different texting services today on the market from both your carrier and service supplier. SMS services from service suppliers are often called premium SMS. What differs from premium and basic services is pricing and that the service always has a 5 digit number that beings with 7, for example 76556.

There are several different types of premium services today that consumers can use. Some are premium services and others are payment services. Examples of premium services are daily horoscope as a text or sports results for your favourite team.

If you want to connect a SMS subscription you send a text that only includes the word stop to the service’s number. The most common premium service is the payment service. A few examples of payment service is tickets for train or bus. Other services could be paying for coffee or another internet-service.

  • A service supplier is often called for premium SMS.
  • Premium SMS always has a 5-digit number.
  • Premium SMS always begins with a 7, for example 76556.
  • Two types of premium services today that consumers can use.
  • A premium service that could be a text with a daily horoscope.
  • To terminate the SMS subscription you need to send a text that includes the word stop to the subscription service.
  • The most common premium service is payment service.

Possibilities for content suppliers

Carriers provide the numbers for the service supplier, and the service supplier provides the toolbox for the payment service and subscription subscription. The possibilities for content suppliers to create creative services med the service supplier’s toolbox are endless. An easy idea is all that’s needed to get started.

Among the most common payment services is tickets. However, the fastest growing is game purchases. Content suppliers have realized that they can sell virtual items in games in exchange for payment. The set-up is pretty smart and well though-out, it first of all gives the content suppliers free access to a game on a website.

In the beginning the game is simple, but as time progresses, it gets harder and requires more points to reach the next level. Here is where the content suppliers starts marketing different opportunities to buy points with a text. The user pays with SMS to the service suppliers number, and they inform the content supplier that the purchase is complete.

With great possibilities comes great responsibility

There are many rogue sms services that more or less ruin people because they have tricked them to sign up for payment services that can’t be terminated, such as payment services for games that are aimed for kids or services that exploits lonely people that aren’t well.

Content suppliers, carriers and users need to demand high standards from the service supplier. Their services shouldn’t be in rogue contexts to exploit people for money or because they have a disability. This could for example include a function to terminate a subscription service with the word stop in a text to the service supplier’s number.

As a content supplier you can build amazing services with the service supplier’s toolbox. In exchange for payment you can get information services, number inquiry, ticket sales and news services. By small means and the right content you can enrich people with service and entertainment. Everyone can read texts no matter if you have a smartphone or a regular mobile.