With 25 years on the market, Tele2 is a field leader within telephony. Today they are Sweden’s second biggest carrier, both for companies and individuals. Tele2 has everything you can think of within telephony and offer mobile telephony, fixed telephony, data network, broadband and global IoT solutions.

Their backbone is the national network they’ve built with up to 2G, 3G and 4G that today covers over 99% of Swedish households.

Tele2 history

Tele2 is included in Tele2 AB which has more than 17 million customers and exists in nine countries around the world. Jan Stenbeck founded tele2 in 1993 and the company has since then been a tough competitor to the public monopoly that already existed on the market.

Tele2 company solutions

Tele2 has company telephony that provides reliable and practical solutions for all types of companies. Companies may choose to either buy a complete bundle or alternatively create their own telephony solution customized to their needs and standards.

Company subscription with Tele2

Tele2 can deliver individually customized subscriptions for companies. Choose between a fixed or variable price for calls and how much surf is needed during different periods. If the need should change you can always adjust your subscription and if you want to cancel it, it can be done with immediate action.

Mobilt broadband

With tele2 mobile broadband you get up to 500 GB per period. If you choose to sign a subscription for mobile broadband for 24 months you also get a router that allows you to share surf with the rest of the hardware at office. Broadband is automatically blocked for roaming due to it only working in Sweden. The amount of data is flexible and you can easily add or remove surf.

Tele2 mobile PBX

The mobile PBX that Tele2 offer their customers is easy to use and exists on a user-friendly and quality assured platform. Calls within the PBX are free. A knowledgeable technician manages everything regarding hardware and connection, and the company has access to support if any issues are encountered.

Tele2 company mobile PBX includes an app that lets users smoothly connect calls. Even functions such as queue system, spoken reference, answer groups and voicemail are included in the offer. In addition you may also add different functions depending on company needs and wishes.

A few examples of these are calendar integration that quickly syncs with your own PBX. You can also add menu choice where customers on their own can navigate to department of choice. Fax inbox, landline, and answer groups coupled with queue are other functions you can add.