What is a teleconference? – Dstny explains!

Thanks to fast developing technology during the last years, more alternatives for communication have prevailed. Today you don’t only use your phone to stay in touch with the closest to you. Phones are a common and important element on the labor market in all industries. Teleconferences is for example a common form of meeting in most companies.

It’s increasingly more common for companies to expand to different countries or cities. Even though expansion is always positive, it can sometimes be difficult for the entire company to communicate, especially when it’s spread out over the entire world. It’s for example crucial for companies to have meetings before product launches to avoid an unpredicted crisis.

When there are several offices and a few may not be able to participate, teleconferences are a must. A teleconference can be seen as a form of virtual meeting only it’s conducted through a call. When you talk to people personally with the phone it’s more common to have one-on-one conversations.

  • Teleconference is a popular way to have meetings for companies
  • Great to help hold together an expanding company
  • Positive for those who work from distance
  • There are no limitations in how many can participate with speakerphone
  • Possible to share documents between the conversing people
  • A less expensive alternative for communication
  • Companies often only pay a normal minute tax

Many benefits with teleconference

Several people can be connected to the same call in a teleconference. It’s more common that companies use the service rather than a group of people in the same facility. For more people to participate, you need to use speakerphone.

Teleconferences today are more complex and complete than a few years ago. Today it’s possible to share documents thanks to the use of data networks. The fact is that the differences between web-meeting, video conference and teleconference have nearly been erased.

There are many benefits with teleconferences with one being the possibility to work from home or from a distance. With regular teleconferences the employer and employee can maintain great contact, despite the distance between.

An effective way to work

Many carriers today have acknowledged that companies want to invest in their digital equipment. It has also become more important with access to modern technique, that in turn can streamline work flow. This allows for more services to be created that offers the best experience of teleconferences.

Users of the service want the call to continue without disruptions and also want it to be easy for all participants to connect. This usually doesn’t entail extra costs with your carrier and the only thing you need to pay is minute tax depending on what subscription you have.

Teleconferences is in essence an effective and wallet friendly way for companies to stay in touch. The connection itself depends on what carrier the company has and where they’re located. There are several phones today with buttons and ports suited to enable better connection.