Telenor One

What is Telenor One? – Soluno explains!

Telenor One is a service that simplifies management of the PBX for your company that don’t want a landline PBX. Several can answer when calls are incoming to the PBX number, and then transfer it directly from your mobile to the other co-worker

Telenor One is a cloud-based PBX service that suits companies that want to be able to answer all incoming calls and trasnfer them to another coworker in the office without a fixed PBX. The coworkers that have the service can receive and connect calls in their mobile phones, regardless of location.

In the basic price includes 5 coworkers to answer incoming calls to a specific number that their phones are connected to. Someone is always able to pick up and the customer calling can avoid becoming disappointed when they don’t get the help they need.

  • You can let 5 or more coworkers answer incoming calls
  • You can connect calls from your mobile to other coworkers
  • Every coworker can connect 3 numbers to their mobile
  • You can add other services to Telenor if needed
  • You can for example choose a crash course in how the service works
  • You can add Telenor fax if needed
  • Telenor can jump in with answer service

How does Telenor One work?

When a customer calls your company you might think that a PBX should answer and connect calls. But a PBX requires a PBX operator to always be available to connect these calls, which can add huge costs to a company.

Telenor One allows more coworkers in a company to act as a PBX operator and connect calls that are incoming. Since more people can answer, you’re never too busy, and can always connect the call to the next coworker in the list if needed.

This helps streamline communication and call management, and will also help you save time to focus on your other work tasks. It also included a connected phonebook, so it’s always easy to find the number that the customer will connect to.

Adjust the PBX according to your needs

Sometimes there’s more to do at work, sometimes less. The same goes when answering calls. You can increase Telenor One according to needs, and maybe temporarily add the service that you need. More coworkers can answer, extra support from Telenor or record calls, are some of the add-ons available.

It’s possible to adjust the service for every coworker. Which services should be included, how many numbers should be connected to a certain person and so forth, everything to help make call management easier. The feature is like a landline PBX, but is fact digital.

Telenor One in the cloud is also possible to combine with a landline PBX service. By having your PBX service completely or partially in the cloud makes it available all the time, and doesn’t require that a person is stuck to their desk at the office. It give you more freedom and better adjustments.