Telenor Group delivers communication services on an international level and exists on 13 markets around the world. Telenor Sverige delivers telecommunication services for the Swedish market. With over 2,6 million mobile subscribers and roughly 670 000 broadband customers, Telenor is one of the biggest players in the field.

For Telenor humans are central, and technique secondary. For them it’s important that you can be connected to your loved ones at all times, and therefore they’ve invested much effort into developing the mobile network and fiber in our country.


Telenor history

Telenor was founded in 1855. For a long time they had monopoly on the fixed mobile network, and in 1998 had their first competitor. Telenor provides national as well as international services and is a public stock company.

Telenor expanded to Sweden in 2005 and today cover 99,9 % of the populations mobile network.

Telenor Företagsabonnemang

The subscriptions via Telenor Company allows you to SMS, MMS and call freely within all EU countries without extra costs. In their company subscription there are 5 different amounts of surf you can choose from. You can always add more surf if you see the need. You choose whether you want curing time or not depending on your company needs.

On their website you’ll find the service ”Dina Sidor” where you have a concise overview of your company subscription. You may for example see your latest bills, balance, manage services, and how much surf you have left. You can also block your SIM-card if you should loose your phone. There’s also an app that allows you to easily manage many of the features directly in your mobile phone.

Telenor company PBX Telenor företagsväxel 

Telenor has a company PBX called Telenor One. This is a cloud based PBX that you can use wherever you may be.


Apart from telephony, subscription and PBX services, Telenor also offer fixed broadband for companies. The service is called Internet Connect and can deliver speed up to 10 Gbit/s. Internet Connect is available in all of Sweden and has support for IPv4 and IPv6, and also includes SLA that can be upgraded when needed.