Telephony services

About telephony services

No matter what field most companies, whether big or small, need telephony services that work. The extent and configuration of how your company’s needs of telephony services is affected by several factors, whereas the main operation is a given contributing factor. There are however many smart solutions for companies in various different fields that many are unaware of.

The first thing that might come to mind for many is a staffed reception that is equipped with cable phones. In many cases that is actually what it looks like, even though we live in a technologically advanced age. A big company can even be dependent of a welcoming reception, but that doesn’t pertain to everyone.

For companies that don’t have customer visits as often or where a vast amount of employees work out on the field, the example with the reception is unnecessary. Incoming calls can instad be handled by a PBX where those who receive the calls can be placed somewhere completely different, or the PBX can be completely automatic.

  • Few companies are dependent of a physical reception.
  • A PBX for incoming calls can be placed in another geographic location.
  • Personnel costs for staffed PBX can be saved with an automatic PBX.
  • Costs for facilities can be cut down by moving the company PBX.
  • The primetime of wired phones isn’t over yet, it is however updated.
  • Modern telephony solutions often mean saving and more efficiency.
  • Fast and reliable support for those who collect their telephony solutions with the same carrier.

The cloud and hardware

To use the famous cloud is for many synonymous with saving space – both in electronics and changing hardware and phone. Modern telephony solutions are in large part based on using cloud services, but to completely be without hardware still belongs in the future.

The hardware that belongs to the most modern solutions on the market can today can be incorporated in the desk phone or in a laptop. For those with management positions it’s possible to control the exertion of work phones for employees through user-friendly programs. Information feed and transfers can be followed in the cloud service.

If whomever is responsible for the company PBX is unavailable for a certain time period or away from work, the function with mobile PBX can be transferred to someone else. In just a few button clicks PBX telephonists can transfer tasks to those that have the desk when you go to lunch.

Keep the old carrier or change?

As mentioned there are many benefits with collecting all your services in one and the same company. For those who need to think about it a little or simply just want to be faithful to your old carrier, you can of course keep your subscription. You simply just collect all subscriptions and agreements under the new telephony service/ PBX.

If the company has been a customer to the same carrier for an extensive amount of time and is happy it might seem unnecessary to change. Also, as a faithful customer you may have collected various assets in form of lower price or additional services.

When you take the step towards changing to a more modern solution for the company’s telephony, then it’s always a good idea to double check the agreement once more. Even if previous carriers offered both low prices and great support there’s always room for improvement in a new collaboration. d

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