Telia Touchpoint

About Telia Touchpoint

Telia Touchpoint is a mobile PBX that can be used in tablet, mobile, computer or phone. With a mobile PBX you can provide your customers with professional and quick service. If a carrier is busy, the call can be transferred further without the customer having to wait. Touchpoint is a price-worthy and flexible cloud service.

It’s an easy and quick process to get started with the system. Telia Touchpoint comes with a heap of standard choices and without curing period. Among the included functions is queue systems and welcome message. The customers can be forwarded to a response group that will in turn direct the customer to the right person. As administrator you have access to all user settings.

These are available in the the Telia Touchpoint application. Within Sweden all calls between users are free of cost. With Touchpoint it’s easy to move a call to a colleague when you can’t take the call. The voicemail as well as number presentation is included, exactly like most forms of telephony.

Queue and welcome message with answer group as free add-on.

  • Settings for user functions directly in the application for Telia Touchppoint.
  • Free calls within the company and Sweden.
  • Easily move calls to another carrier.
  • Voicemail with notifications via SMS when new messages occur.
  • Number presentation, when you call you can choose what number will shown.
  • Telia ansvar för molntjänsten och dess support och drift. Telia is responsible for the cloud service and its’ support and maintenance.


Add-on services that give your company new opportunities

Apart from the standard services that Touchpoint provides, you can also buy additional services. These give your company better possibility to customize the supply to the chosen customer group. To take calls as fast as possible, several answer groups can be added to the supply. Thus carriers can help each-other with answering calls.

To be able to follow up on results and provide the opportunity to improve, there’s a service called “Call Statistics Basic”. This allows the administrator to see call statistics for users and answer groups. To optimize and give customers the best possible service, the remote menu can be added as an add-on service. The customer can therefore control the call through an answer meny that leads to the right contact.

Company environments are increasingly more on distance with employees working in different locations. To be able to easily get in touch with all employees is crucial. Telephone meetings directly in Touchpoint application is easy and aids internal communication. This add-on allows all employees to easily set up meetings.

A good option for small to large companies

Using a PBX isn’t solely for big companies. Instead of having a mobile response, customers can receive good service with an answer group and speaker menu through a PBX. If you’re working alone, the speaker menu will provide you with the relevant information.

When calling you quickly get a basis which creates the prerequisites in providing good service. To have a PBX can provide the customer with feeling safe due it the impression of unreliability when working with a smaller or new company that doesn’t have a PBX solution.

Cloud-based PBX today have a more advantageous price than before. The possibiliy to customize the service to your needs is endless. Touchpoint gives your company the ability to have a variable operation, working from distance is no longer an issue when the PBX is steered to your colleague’s mobile phones and not a physical place.

About Telia Company

Telia has developed different smart solutions for various fields. In banking and finance, you can digitalize meetings which allows the banks to create a positive customer experiment. For the realty industry a digitalization can account for savings and also offer connection to new renters when new projects are built.

Telia Company also has solutions for other sectors such as healthcare, where you can provide better quality of care and better communication between care and patient. In trade, you also meet the technical generation of people there. E-commerce continues to grow and you have to meet the needs of customers, which Telia makes possible.

An extensive digitalization of companies within different sectors provides a safe and effective environment to work in. The workplace improves both for personnel and customers. The safety and availability are core words and there are smart solutions no matter need as a company.

Included in Telia Touchpoint

  • Settings directly in the app
  • Answer groups and response message
  • Free calls within the organization
  • Mobile numbers for all users
  • Voicemail
  • Moving calls
  • Presentation of number
  • User support

Services that can be purchased in Telia Touchpoint

  • Additional answer groups
  • Line status and referral
  • Answer groups with landline numbers
  • Call statistics
  • Conference
  • Remote menu
  • Softphone (A phone in the computer)
  • IP-telephony

Dstny’s corporate PBX works with Telia’s subscription

At Dstny we are experts in telephony for companies and we are also completely carrier independent. This means that our own PBX solutions work just as well, regardless of whether you choose Telia’s company subscription as any other carrier. Our PBX is completely cloud-based and always provides your company with the latest telecom technology. Are you interested in reading more about our telephony solutions in the cloud? Click the button to find out more.


Latest update 24 november 2022