The company Telia  is a big and well-known carrier. Apart from their carrier services they also deliver digitals tools, meeting services and broadband for companies and individuals. Telia is famous for their simplicity and in providing a solution for everyone. They have support that can be reached by phone, chat or e-mail. If you want to troubleshoot you can do it directly on their website. 

Telias History

The company is Swedens biggest and oldest telecommunication supplier and was founded in 1853. Telia was then a government agency and called Kongl. Elecktriska Telegraf-Werket. Telia has updated their named many times during the years and have even been called Televerket.

For a long time they have monopoly on Sweden’s telecommunication network due to the fact that they were no other competitors on the market able to compare to Telia. It was primarily in the 1980s that competitors could challenge Telia on the market.

Telia Company

There are many smart solutions with Telia depending on what field you work in. They have for example helped the real-estate industry digitalize and thereafter hold back on costs in new building projects. They’ve also helped new renters and housing societies to quickly connect tin their new housings. Another example is how they have helped the finance field by digitalizing bank meetings and provide customers with a safe and reliable experience.

Telia lives by the standard that extensive digitalizations within companies provides a more safe and effective work environment.

Telias subscription for companies

If you choose  Telia’s own subscription for companies there are various different benefits to enjoy. Their telephony services are included without extra cost and you may also take part of their services that will improve service towards your customers. A few examples include; callback functions, transfer, calls awaiting and three-way.

It also includes technical support when connecting if you have Telia company subscription.

Telia company PBX

Telia Touchpoint also has a new feature where you can create phone meetings directly in the app. Telia’s own company PBX is called Telia Touchpoint. It is a cloud service without curing period and the fee is calculated per user. The service is easy to start and no hardware is needed. The PBX service includes among others; response groups coupled with welcome messages, mobile numbers for all users and free calls to everyone within the organization. Apart from that you also get services such as number representation and voicemail.