About VoLTE

VoLTE is a topic that is widely talked about right now. VoLTE is short for Voice over Long Term Evolution. Simply put, VoLTE is a technology that makes calls get better voice quality. In addition, VoLTE enables the use of speech and data simultaneously.

VoLTE is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile telephony and IoT devices. The standard is based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network and has up to three times higher capacity for speech and data than its predecessor, 3G UMTS. The technology is also more efficient and uses less bandwidth, as VoLTE has a smaller header in each packet.

The first commercial version of VoLTE was released in August 2012 in Dallas, Texas. At the same time came the first phone with support for VoLTE, LG Connect 4G.


  • VoLTE gives calls better voice quality.
  • VoLTE creates the ability to use speech and data simultaneously.
  • The standard was first launched in 2012 in Texas, USA.
  • The technology for traffic over the same network as 4G.
  • VoLTE does not work on older phones.
  • The first phone with support for VoLTE was the LG Connect 4g.

VoLTE provides better voice quality

What VoLTE does is that the technology directs wireless voice traffic over the same network that operators use to manage data, 4G. Something that gives you as a user a better sound quality in your calls. This solution allows users to receive HD voice calls, provided that both participants in the call have access to the technology. It is always difficult to quantify exactly how much better the sound will be, but the technology represents a significant improvement over traditional mobile calls.

Data and calls at the same time

Say you talk on the phone with a friend and make an appointment to meet each other. Therefore, during the conversation, you want to check what times the bus schedule through the bus company’s website. For those of you who are using the traditional system where the voice channel does not go over the data channel may have been extremely slow to surf while talking on the phone. In some cases, you cannot surf during calls. With VoLTE, the problem disappears, because with the technology you can use data and make calls at the same time.

VoLTE knows what is voice

Many of us are frugal when it comes to our surf in mobile, and it is easy to believe that if you call VoLTE all your data will end up faster than usual. But you can be calm, the technology understands what are speech packets and what are data packets. This means that most operators will charge you for your calls on your regular call rates.

Older mobile phones do not support VoLTE

VoLTE is a newer technology, which is why some older smartphones do not support this feature. Fortunately, this standard has been around for a while and most newer phones can handle the technology. All phones that support 4G (LTE) have the right support. If you have an iPhone, you need an iPhone 6 or newer. With Huawei, Ascend D2 LTE or P8 are the first versions to support the technology. Motorola’s first mobile phone with the technology was Droid Maxx. Samsung has a long line of mobile phones that support the technology but the first one they released was the Galaxy A3 from 2016.

Does VoLTE wear on the battery?

No, VoLTE doesn’t make your battery run out faster. It is an optimized technology that does not affect the life of your mobile battery compared to 3G or 2G.

The limitations of VoLTE

Not all carriers offer the technology and older phones do not support the technology. VoLTE is also dependent on the fact that you are on a 4G network and that both you and the caller have the technology.

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