Web meeting

What is a web meeting? – Dstny explains!

Today it’s more common than ever that small as well as big companies use digital technology in their operation to streamline their work. It’s for example normal to have a web meeting instead of flying over employees from one office to another.

The company does not only save money, but also time to discuss important aspects in the meeting. A web meeting is a virtual meeting where participants can be spread out all over the world but still see and talk to each other over internet.

Today it’s possible to conduct web meetings with a few or hundreds, maybe even thousands of colleagues. You can streamline the meeting by using a speaker so that everyone in the room are able to hear and participate.

  • Having web meetings are very common today
  • It’s an effective and cost-friendly way to communicate
  • Web meetings are virtual meetings where participants can be spread out all over the world
  • The number of participants can reach up to thousands of people
  • You can streamline the meeting by using a speaker
  • Web meetings are positive for the environment, comfort and health
  • It’s easy to conduct web meetings

Positive benefits with web meetings

Web meetings have many different names, for example; long distance meetings, e-meetings, travel-free meetings, digital meetings, or smart meetings. And as previously mentioned, it contributes to decrease and replace the traditional business trips.

The fact is that this form of digital meeting have made it easier to have meetings at all, since you only need a digital unit like mobile, tablet or a computer and an internet connection. Another positive aspect of the web meeting is that it doesn’t impact the environment and can be positive for health and comfort.

From a sustainability perspective it’s an excellent solution for organisations and companies that want to streamline their cooperation. Web meetings help you control what goes on in other offices even though you’re in another country.

Organize a web meeting

For the less tech-savvy people it may seem complicated to learn how to use the digital tools needed for a company’s operation. However, it’s not that complicated to organize web meetings. You don’t need any special program and speaker and camera are usually built-in with the computer.

Today you can also add a meeting in the participants calendar with Outlookplugin. The only thing that participants need to do is accept or deny. When it’s time for the meeting, the participants just have to click the click.

It’s also possible to record during meetings, which is effective and great when discussing important aspects of the company. Another effective service is that it’s easy to share documents during the meeting.

Our solution

We offer different solutions for web meetings in Teams; which will help you hold and participate in meetings with customers and colleagues. Apart from voice- and video functions there are smart solutions to make meetings as interactive and creative as possible.

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