Wireless phone

About the wireless phone – Dstny explains!

Do you have a company with a lot of contacts in your phone? Then it’s important to have a professional and reliable set up where you can meet your clients with the best service possible. A wireless phone can be an important part of your company and ca open up for new opportunities.

By having one or more wireless phones your company can have flexible business operation where you fast and effectively can manage your customers needs. We help you set up and provide the telephony services to your organisation.

With a more connected world than ever, it’s important that  your company has everything you need to cater to your customer’s needs. With high-quality phone solutions that include wireless telephony you don’t have to worry about the future.

  • Wireless telephony for you company
  • Digital solutions that take your company to the next level
  • Meet your customers in a professional way
  • Take part of the latest technology with wireless telephony
  • A cheap and reliable solution for companies
  • Take part of carrier agreements, hardware and PBX services all in the same place
  • We have a complete solution for effective telephony solutions

Flexible solutions to the entire company

It’s important to be mobile in a continuously changing company. With effective solutions that include wireless telephony you can make sure that you always are able to meed your existing and potential customers in a great way. Our solutions prepare you for new challenges.

Is your company small, medium or big? Regardless of size we have great solutions. We have helped many Swedish companies in finding complete solutions in telephony and specialise in finding new unique solutions for your problems.

lWe aim to provide our customers with a solution that is both valuable, effective and reliable. When you stay in touch with your customers it’s important to have a smooth and effortless solution, we make sure that you can sit back and relax.

Many telephony solutions

When we started Dstny we became the biggest and most expansive supplier of the Nordic market. Since then we have continuously delivered solutions to hundreds of satisfied customers all over Scandinavia. What do you need hep with? We will help you out – today!

We have a long list of customers that have taken part of our complete solutions that have helped them take their operation to the next level. With our set up you will have more control and better communication with those who matter the most; your own customers.

Contact tus today to find out how we can help streamline your customer contact and leave them with a smile on their faces. We have several different set-ups to suit your company needs. We can help you achieve better results!