Download the Softphone

Download Dstny Softphone for Windows or Mac here.

Do you want to download Dstnys Softphone? Click on the respective button to download a Softphone for Windows or Mac.


Do you want to download an MSI file for system administrators?


A softphone is an interface in your computer. This interface allows you to make and receive calls, just like a regular desk phone or mobile phone. You then connect a wireless headset or regular headphones with a microphone to your softphone so you can talk while you work on the computer.

The reason why so many people prefer to handle their calls via a softphone is because of the simplicity of being able to have everything in the same place. That way, as a user, you do not need to switch between devices while sitting and working at your computer.

Want to know more about what a softphone is and how it works? Then you will find more information here.



Should you encounter any problems when downloading and installing your softphone, you are always welcome to contact us at Dstnys support. You will find both telephone numbers and e-mail addresses on our support page.