How Dstny revolutionizes Mansjouren's communication

Mansjouren in Stockholm is a prominent example of how technological advancements, especially in business telephony provided by us at Dstny, can enhance the efficiency and reach of nonprofit organizations.

With Dstny's solutions, Mansjouren has improved its ability to offer confidential assistance through various communication methods, ensuring that volunteers can connect with those in need of support anytime, anywhere. This flexibility and accessibility are crucial for expanding their impact and meeting the growing demand for their services.

Break the silence – A role model for male support

The mission

Mansjouren in Stockholm breaks the silence surrounding male emotions and challenges the myth that 'good men can handle it on their own.' By offering empathetic support via phone calls, individual sessions, couples counseling, and group discussions, this nonprofit organization aims to provide each man with the tools to find his own solutions.

With Dstny's innovative business telephony, Mansjouren can expand its support and reach more men in need, empowering them in their mission to create a safer future for men seeking help.

The volunteers can answer wherever they are

Today, they have a PBX solution consisting of a landline number and mobile extensions for their volunteers. They have three phone shifts per day, and the mobile extensions allow volunteers to answer wherever they are.

"We like the app. Before it existed, our volunteers were sitting in a specific room with landline phones and talked through them. With the help of the app, volunteers can take calls from anywhere," says Pelle Hasselgren, Communication Manager, volunteer and board member of Mansjouren in Stockholm.

Accessibility and flexibility are two crucial factors for reaching as many people as possible. The telephony solution also plays a central role in providing men who call in with information about their rights, protection, and resources.

If volunteers encounter gaps in knowledge regarding law and rights, they can refer men to a law firm or family lawyer they have close contact with. This ensures that those contacting the helpline receive adequate information and assistance.

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A growing business

The result

Mansjouren in Stockholm is experiencing a significant increase in incoming calls, with 11,000 calls in 2022, and has expanded its services thanks to effective telephony.

This technology has been crucial in broadening the reach and supporting more men, especially during the pandemic. The telephony solution enables volunteers to easily participate and contribute, facilitating expansion plans, such as opening a branch in Malmö and becoming a national resource.

"The phone knows no geographical boundaries," summarizes Pelle Hasselgren.

What the customer says...

We like the Dstny app. Before it existed, our volunteers were sitting in a specific room with landline phones and talked through them. With the help of the app, volunteers can take calls from anywhere.
Pelle Hasselgren - Communication Manager, volunteer & board member

Flexible help-line

In short

The need for Mansjouren in Stockholm was the implementation of a tailored telephony solution.

This solution combines fixed telephone numbers with mobile extensions, allowing volunteers to receive calls from anywhere.

This has increased the organization's flexibility and availability, which is crucial for being able to offer support to more men in need.

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