Roam Like at Home

Call and surf within the EU/EEA for the same cost as at home in Sweden.

Roam Like at Home

Roam Like at Home

Within the EU we have Roam Like at Home or “RLAH” as it is called. It is an EU directive to make it cheaper for consumers from EU member states to surf within the EU.

For you with a Dstny subscription, this means that a certain amount of data roaming within the EU is included in your subscription. The amount of mobile data you are allowed to use abroad is called the Fair Use Policy or “FUP” and is based on your subscription’s data package in Sweden.

Dstny's Fair Use Policy

Below you can see how much you are entitled to surf abroad at no extra cost.
Dstny's Fair Use Policy<
National dataset FUP
Fixed Price 1 GB 2 GB
Fixed Price 7 GB 7 GB
Fixed Price 10 GB 10 GB
Fixed Price 30 GB 30 GB
Fixed Price 100 GB 40 GB
Fixed Price Unlimited 50 GB
What does this mean in practice?

What does this mean in practice?

You who have a fixed-price subscription from Dstny can use your pot with call minutes, sms and data included in the subscription when you travel within the EU/EES. For variable subscription forms, the national prices apply according to the respective price list.

Intended for travel

Roam Like at Home is intended for people who sometimes travel outside the country where they live or have stable connections, ie where they work or study. Roam Like at Home is not intended to be used for permanent roaming. As long as you spend more time at home than abroad, or if you use your mobile phone more at home than abroad, you can use the phone at domestic prices when traveling anywhere in the EU. This is considered a “fair use of roaming services”, also known as Fair Use Policy (MAGP).

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