Termination and renegotiation

Is it time to renegotiate, do you want to terminate individual services or terminate your agreement with Dstny? Then you will find important information on how to proceed here.


Are your agreements with Dstny about to expire and it’s time to renegotiate your services with us? Then you should talk to your seller who will help you renew the agreement. You can also call us on 010 – 410 50 00 or email info@dstny.se and we will make sure you talk to the right person.

Termination of services

Cancellation of individual exchange licenses, subscriptions and services is in writing to support@dstny.se. The notice period of 3 months applies unless otherwise agreed.

Termination of agreement

Do you want to terminate your agreement with Dstny? Please fill in and sign a cancellation form. The form is sent as pdf to e-mail: avslut@dstny.se or by mail.