10 Amazing Things You Did Not Know About Your Cell Phone

Now let’s talk a little about the cell phone. Most of us use our cell phone every day. The mobile phone has become a helper in our everyday lives and many would probably have great problems to do without it. It has become totally integrated into our way of managing both our working day and our leisure time. We pay with it, it helps us find, we seek out local traffic with it and it helps us keep in touch with our loved ones.

Digitization continues at a furious pace and it is said that today there are more telephones than toilets in India. The computers that are in our mobiles today are also more powerful than the one that took man up to the moon for the first time. But there’s a lot we do not know when it comes to our phones. Here are ten things you may not have known about your cell phone

1 The first mobile phone

The first commercial mobile phone was a Motorola DynaTAC 8000X and was invented by Martin Cooper in 1983. In it you could save as many as 30 contacts and weighed about 1.1 kg. It took 10 hours to fully charge the battery and the talk time was then about 30 minutes. The price was in round robins $ 4000! A small fortune in other words. Considering what we get for our money when we buy today’s smartphones, they suddenly feel quite affordable compared to the brick that the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was. Fortunately, it helped pave the way for future technology.

första telefonen

2 Dirty phones

It feels hard to think about but our phones are pretty disgusting. Something that is perhaps not so strange when you consider that they follow us, basically wherever we go. On average, mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria on them than a door handle for a regular toilet. And we probably think of it in a completely different way when we grab a door handle than when we pick up the phone. It really does not hurt to clean it with a wet wipe every now and then.

smutsig telefon


3 Phones in the toilet

We are not always so careful with our phones. We tend to them a bit here and there and the fact is that we quite often lose them. That we drop them on the ground may not come as a shock, but the fact that they often end up in the toilet is perhaps a little more astonishing. In England, almost 100,000 telephones are flushed down the toilet every year. The fact that we even have our mobile phones in the toilet can be a reason why there are so many bacteria on them (see heading above).

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4 The world’s most robust phone

The Sonim XP3 300 Force phone is, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s most robust mobile phone. In addition to being IP68-rated, which means that it can withstand water up to two meters deep, this model has also managed a fall of 25 meters without being damaged. Perfect for you who often lose your phone (see above heading). Unfortunately, it is not classified as the world’s most functional mobile and it unfortunately looks a bit like a brick.

5 Cheap to charge the mobile phone

We use our phones more and more, which means we need to charge them all the more often. But do not worry too much about the cost of the electricity bill. According to calculations, it costs about SEK 11 per year if you charge your phone once every day. Of course, this figure is affected by what kind of electricity contract you have. If you want to reduce this already low cost, it is usually possible to charge your mobile on, for example, commuter trains, in malls or why not in the changing room at the gym.

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6 90% waterproof mobiles in Japan

All over the world, people are attached to their phones but it is said that the bond between man and mobile is extra strong in Japan. Almost 90% of all phones in Japan are waterproof in 2018, which means that the Japanese can use the phone even when they shower. Today, this is more common around the world but the Japanese were early on with the need for waterproof mobiles.

mobiltelefonen vattentät mobile phone water proof

7 Over 100 unlockings

We tend to pick up and hang down our phones continuously throughout the day. On average, we take out and unlock our phone 110 times a day. No wonder this handling has been streamlined. Today, many phones can be unlocked by reading fingerprints, face recognition or allowing you to drag your finger in a specific pattern.

8 In 2012, Apple sold 37.04 million iPhones

In 2012, sales of iPhones exceeded $ 22 billion. That was more money than all Microsoft products sold for in total until that year. That same year, Apple sold just over 37 million iPhones in 14 weeks! That is an average of 4 phones per second.

9 Facebook and Youtube account for 30% of all mobile data (2018)

It’s not news that we use Facebook and Youtube a lot. In 2018, 30% of all mobile data consumed was used by these two giants. We have access to almost all the world’s knowledge via our mobile phones, but we choose to check out funny clips and update our status.

10 Nomofobi

The phone has not only brought good things. A new phobia has emerged – nomophobia. This is the fear of not being reachable over the phone. A scary thought! However, this can be remedied in your working day by ensuring that the company you work for has smart exchange solutions installed and may use answering service or similar services when no one at the company is available to answer the phone.

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