4 things you can do to get better coverage

“How do I get better coverage in my mobile phone?”

Many people have probably asked themselves this question, at least once in their lives. And then you stand there, with the phone in the air, reaching for that signal you so much desire. Do you recognize the scenario?

But how do you do to get better coverage on your mobile phone? Is there even something you can do? Of course, it is not possible to influence the position or signal strength of the mast. But there are actually things you can do. We have listed 4 of those things below.

Activate and deactivate flight mode

Sometimes phones get stuck on a signal from a mast and then stay with that mast even if you are a little too far away. This will give you poor coverage on the phone. What you can do then is to try turning on flight mode and then switch it off again immediately. This will reset your connection, forcing your mobile to look for the strongest available signal again. If you are lucky, the phone will find a mast that is closer, and the coverage will get better.

2 Charge your phone

Another thing you can do to make sure you have the best possible coverage is to have a battery that is sufficiently charged. A poorly charged battery can make your phone go into power saving mode. This can make it harder for your phone to maintain maximum signal strength with the tower, resulting in poorer coverage.

3 Keep the phone away from your body

Yes, you read it correctly. Your own body can divert signals between the mast to your phone, a phenomenon that is usually called head and body loss. But it’s not as deadly as it sounds. By using headphones, you can keep the phone a bit away from the body and consequently stop blocking the signal. Turning your body in a certain direction, or even keeping a slightly looser grip on the phone, can make a positive difference in coverage.

4 Apps that help you find better coverage

In fact, there are apps that can help you find better coverage. An example of such an app is OpenSignal. With the app you get a signal compass pointing towards the direction the signal is coming from. This way you know which way to go to get a stronger signal and thus get a better coverage. Smart huh?!

You can also get a coverage map showing the best places to get good reception on the phone. There is also a network ranking that shows which operator is best where you are. Something that is perfect to keep track of if you are considering changing carrier.

Keep in mind: Roaming can impair your signal

If you are traveling in the world, it may be good to remember that you are using another carrier’s mast. Many times, carriers choose to favor their own users, which means that as a “roamer” you get less coverage. If you are also a little too far away from the tower, the mast can drop your signal completely to instead deliver more strength to users with better signal.

We who work with telephony for companies are keen on that you as a user of our subscriptions get the best possible coverage. These were some tips on what you can do to get better coverage on your phone.

Want to see a coverage map of Soluno’s subscription? Then you will find this:

Latest update October 2020

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