5 benefits of recording calls

Recording a conversation can almost have a slightly negative connotation, according to many. It can make one think of spies sitting in smoke-filled rooms with a headphone intensely pressed against one ear.

But no, I am not going to write about spies. But what I am going to write about is really important.

Because call recording can be a business-critical feature. No matter how hard your support technicians or customer service staff work to do everything right, they are just people. And people can miss things, forget details or deliver the wrong information. Here, recording phone calls can play a very valuable role in helping and strengthening the work. So what are the major benefits of recording calls?

1 Improve customer service

The most common reason why companies choose to record calls is to improve customer service and thereby increase customer satisfaction. When both managers and employees can go back and review conversations, they can get a greater insight into how the customer is received. How is the service managed, are protocols followed, etc. Sometimes it can be about such simple things as tone of voice. After a long day of phone calls, you may not sound as accommodating and pleasant as you think you do. By being able to go back and hear yourself, you can learn a lot.

spela in samtal record phone calls

2 Increase internal knowledge

Many companies use call recording for educational purposes. It may sound easy to make up examples of successful and unsuccessful conversations, but often they do not reflect reality. By listening to actual conversations, with real-world situations, new employees can gain a valuable insight into their work tasks. Junior employees can listen to conversations from a little more experienced colleagues and get tips and tricks. In addition, managers and leaders can gain insight into what needs to be strengthened around the product or service by listening to customers’ complaints.

3 Review missed details

When customer service staff and salespeople receive lots of calls every day, it is understandable that it is easy to miss details from time to time. If it is then required that they must manually register a sale or a case in another system, there is a great risk that details will be forgotten. Instead of having to call back to the customer and ask if it was azure-blue or ocean-blue color that the customer wanted, the agent or seller can easily revisit the call and get the answer.

4 Prevent disputes and ensure that procedures are followed

You may have certain procedures that need to be followed, such as that the customer must orally agree to the terms or that the agent must tell you about certain rules regarding use. Recording phone calls can encourage the agent to really follow these procedures. It can also be very helpful in disputes, as you can easily find out what was actually agreed upon.

5 Improve customer understanding

Call recording can be a great help for leaders and decision makers to understand their customers. It is not uncommon for customers to ask for services or products that are not available in the company’s range. A stressed customer service agent may just tell the customer that the service does not exist, but for a decision maker, these types of issues can be gold mines. It gives them a unique insight into how the company can improve its offer to the customer in a way that is already in demand.

Recording telephone calls can be of value both to the employees who receive the calls and to decision-makers. Knowing the customer’s needs, behavior and wishes is something that is of great interest to the entire company.

Dstny’s own call recording service

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