5 ways to show your customers you’re thankful this thanksgiving

With thanksgiving around the corner, we believe it’s important to retain this spirit all year-round when it comes to customer service. Showing that you need and are thankful for your customers is crucial in providing top-notch service. It’s also important to remember that these expressions only are as valuable as they are sincere. A team member might get away with an occasional thank you, but customers can spot inauthenticity from a mile’s distance.

Turning a one-time customer into a lifelong loyalist can be challenging, but its of the most important goals of any business. One of the most effective ways is to keep customers happy is to show your appreciation. When things go right, it’s important that customers feel valued, or they will quickly move on.

Why it matters

On the surface it might just seem like a part of your company values, but it’s essential to choose to prioritize customers and their loyalty. Not only does customer appreciation help improve customer retention, but it also improves customer lifetime value. And happy customers tell their friends which ultimately will help you profit and gain more great connections! With automation increasing, it’s all the more crucial to make sure they customers feel heard and needed, and not just responded by a repetitive automated answer. The same goes for responding to feedback on for example social media, take the time and write a sincere response and don’t just send them along the way to your generic FAQ.

1. The power of words

When writing responses to customers online, a simple thanks just isn’t enough to show customers you appreciate them. But switch it up with a few more words and you immediately have a more suited and authentic response. While speaking it might feel natural to say “thanks!” but in written form it sounds far too casual. Here you might want to say, “thank you so much” or “we are very thankful”. The same goes for the word grateful, just saying we are grateful sounds a bit cold. But just by adding that little extra, you sound more personal and like you mean it. Acknowledge and recognize customers and their needs.

Just saying “thank you” can really have a powerful impact. And in thanksgiving spirit, post a short message on your social media pages thanking your customers for following your business and be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their support. Write is as if they were right in front of you and be as sincere as you can to create a real and personal connection.

2. Recognize your customers

Try switching out the word grateful with the word recognize and you suddenly resonate with customers. An important word in its own right and to show that you’re their hero. It’s not only an effective tool to show your gratitude but helps customers understand that they’re heard. Everyone likes to be recognized for their contributions, and your customer are no different. Show your customers how they have truly helped grow your business, on your website, social media, or in your next email. If you have a store, put a sign up that highlight them. Recognition goes a long way towards encouraging customers who love your business to get more involved.

3. Special events

Similar to giving customers first access to special products, inviting to special events can be great way to create a positive spirit and get more to talk about your business. Maybe hold a wine and aperitif event or something more casual like coffee and cinnamon buns. Encourage customers to bring their close ones too. Make sure that the events are fun an informative for your super fans. Hosting events allows customers to meet your and other fellow customers to share experiences or favourite products. And when it comes to planning the details, the sky is the limit!

4. Offer rewards

You don’t have to give out huge bonuses to make it obvious that you’re thankful, but providing a small discount goes a long way. You could also create a more structured loyalty program where rewards are ongoing, for example a free coffee after buying 5 with a sticker collector. It will do wonders in retaining loyal customers. Nothing says thank you quite like a gift. And during thanksgiving, why not rewarad a loyal few some special prizes? Maybe ask your customers to comment on a photo or post and select a few winners to receive a free product of gift certificate.

Showing you’re thankful shouldn’t be solely exclusive to social media though, it’s merely a tool to help spread your message further. But however you choose to say thanks – the just saying the magic words or through a special reward – it’s the message itself that counts.

5. Request feedback

Everyone appreciates having their opinion heard and as fans of your business, it will help provide you with information that can be very helpful. Send out a survey to your customer’s and be sure to make it clear what you’re asking them and maybe provide a reward at the end. Also, make sure that you show you are taking the feedback seriously. If they take the time to give you feedback, it’s your responsibility to make good use of it.

Ask them how they use your products and service or maybe what their top tips are. You can share this information in blog posts or newsletters to your community. You contributors will feel valued and you will get a good dose of inspiration.

So, are you ready to create a new thankfulness tradition for your business this year? Feel ready to create a thanksgiving tradition for your business?

Starting with us: Thanks for reading our blog posts all year, we’re thankful and truly appreciate your support!