8 integrations with Teams that will improve your working day

Microsoft Teams has been evolving at a great pace lately and now, the tool is really starting to feel complete. In addition to the fact that the very core of the program is well developed, Teams has also opened up for the integrations of other programs. This way you can get a one stop shop in Teams, and get a lot of what you work with in one and the same interface. We have listed 8 popular programs that you can integrate with the collaboration tool.

1 Wrike

Wrike is a project tool that works just as well if you want to manage tasks that need to be done in a team as when you want to keep track of your own to-do list.

By integrating Wrike into MS Teams, you can publish data previews directly into conversations. You can see where your colleagues are in all public projects and you can see schedules on shared Gantt charts.

2 Trello

Trello is another popular collaboration tool that can be integrated with Teams. When you integrate Trello, you get a new tab at the top of the chat or in the channel where you can reach lists or message boards. There you can organize and prioritize projects with your colleagues.

3 Survey Monkey

Many people think that Survey Monkey becomes easier to use when you integrate the program with Teams. The basic service for Survey Monkey only lets you send out surveys via email, which many have experienced has made the process of keeping track of how things are going when there are more people collaborating in the same survey. With the integration, you can instead preview surveys and see compiled answers directly in Teams together with your colleagues. You can also do simpler surveys in your Teams channels. This way you can handle a lot of the work you otherwise do in Survey Monkey directly in Teams.

4 Translatelt

Do you have colleagues in other countries? Then you may recognize that language can sometimes be a barrier to collaboration. Although many today can speak English, it is not always enough and often it may take time to translate messages into another language. By integrating Translatelt you can directly translate messages in many different ways. When you send a message, for example, you can write which language it should translate into. You can also translate a message you received by clicking on the three dots, selecting More actions and then Translate. There are more clever translations available for you and your colleagues to collaborate across borders like never before.

5 Dstny business telephony

Of course, we cannot make such a list without mentioning ourselves and our integration with Teams, we call it Teams Telephony. We are constantly working to find new relevant applications, CRM systems and collaboration tools to integrate with to make the everyday life of our users as smooth as possible.

Our integration with MS Teams allows you to receive and make calls directly in the program. You can also connect calls and see line status in Teams. Our office phone system is completely operator independent so the integration works regardless of which carrier you have chosen for your company.

Read more about our integration with Teams here:


6 Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a very popular program for sending out newsletters and mass emails. With its simple and intuitive interface, this has become a program used worldwide by both large and small companies. When you integrate Mailchimp with Microsoft Teams, you can see notifications about your ongoing campaigns. You can also manage contacts and send emails to your subscribers.

7 Karma

Karma is a program that helps you recognize and lift your colleagues. With the help of Karma, you can both set up benefits and provide feedback. You can ensure that company values are kept alive and reinforce long-term goals. By integrating Karma into Teams, you get the features of a tab at the top of your chats or channels.

8 Custom Stickers

Everything doesn’t have to be work work work, sometimes you just want to make the work day a little more fun. By integrating Custom Stickers into Teams you can communicate with more than just words. Upload your favorite stickers and GIFs and make the chats with your colleagues a little more alive.

There are a plethora of apps and applications that you can integrate into Teams, saving you plenty of time when you don’t have to sit and switch between different interfaces. And when the possibilities are so great, it is only your imagination that sets the limits for what you can think of.


Latest update nov 2020