Why you should avoid charging your battery 100%

Have you also heard that it is bad for the phone to charge it to 100%? And that it is also bad to use your phone until it is completely empty?

Sadly, these statements are true. But why is that so?

Why should I avoid charging my phone to max?

A battery works like this, it has a negative and a positive pole. The battery contains electrons. When the battery is fully charged, all electrons are on the negative side. These want, by the laws of nature, to move over to the positive side. During their journey to the positive side, the electrons can give power to the unit in which the battery is located. When all the electrons are on the positive side, the battery is empty. When we then charge the battery, the electrons are drawn back to the negative side. So that we can start the whole process again.

The thing is that when all the electrons are on the same side, there is most imbalance in the battery. That is, when the battery is completely empty or completely full. This means that the battery has the highest load in these two stages. Something that, over time, negatively affects the capacity and life of the battery.

The battery is the most comfortable when it is around 50% charged. Then the battery is in most balance.

New devices are often charged to about 50%

You may have noticed that when you buy a new mobile or tablet, and turn it on for the first time, the battery is pre-charged at about 50%. This is because the manufacturers know that the unit is to be shipped and may be on a store shelf or in a warehouse for a while. By charging the battery in half, the battery will break down as little as possible during that time.

Most phones have a buffer

When it says that your battery is 100% charged, this is often not the case. This is because many manufacturers have added a small buffer so that you will not be able to fully charge your battery. When your phone says it is 100% charged, it can actually be about 97%. Because of this, you avoid damaging your battery.

Of course, it is not particularly user-friendly to always try to keep the phone at 50% at all times. Then you would need to charge it for short moments, very often. But it is good to know that a fully charged and fully discharged battery is not optimal and it may help you make smart decisions about charging. This way, you can get the longest possible lifespan from your phone.