Call waiting – what does the function do and how do I activate it?

Sometimes you want to know if someone is trying to reach you, even when you are busy in another phone call. Maybe you are occupied with talking on the phone during the most parts of the work day, or maybe you are waiting for a call that you absolutely can not miss.

Call waiting is a feature that you can activate in your phone. The function works so that you are notified if someone tries to call you while you are in another call.

How does Call waiting work?

If someone calls you while you are in another call, you will hear two discreet tones. Then you can choose whether to pause the ongoing call to take the incoming call. This function works on most smartphones today, even many fixed desk phones and Softphones have the solution.

If you do not have the function activated, the person trying to reach you will hear a busy tone when you are in another call. With the function enabled, no busy tone will come, but it will ring as usual for anyone trying to reach you.

If you have a phone with a display, you can usually see who is calling, so it becomes easier to choose whether you want to make the new call or stay in the existing one.

How do I enable Call waiting?

Enable Call Waiting for iPhone
  • Click the Settings app.
  • Select Phone.
  • Select Call Waiting.
  • Enable Call Waiting.


Enable Call Waiting for Android
  • Click the Phone button.
  • Click on More.
  • Select Settings.
  • Click More Settings / Complementary Services.
  • Enable Call Waiting.


Activate the function in Soluno’s office phone system

If you have a Soluno office phone system, another step is required to activate Call Waiting. This is because Soluno’s PBX functions take precedence over the phone’s settings. But it is easy to solve so that the function works properly. The administrator (s) of the exchange can fix this directly in MySoluno in minutes.

Enable Call Waiting in MySoluno
  • Browse
  • Click Users.
  • Look up the user who wants the feature.
  • Click the pen icon to edit the user.
  • Click the “Add new group” button.
  • Click on the new box that came up and select Call waiting.
  • Save your changes by clicking Save.

If you do not have the choice to add Call Waiting in MySoluno – then send an email to our support and we will add the option for you!

Latest update October 2020 

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